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Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

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There is no 'Killing Joke' movie in the pipeline, though I'd love to see one. Unfortunately to do justice to the comic story it would need to be MA/R which WB would not run with given its target audience. 

Also love the idea of the ride opportunity, but again, is too graphic to be a family friendly ride, without omitting key scenes which would, in essence, no longer keep that theme. 

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7 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

There is no 'Killing Joke' movie in the pipeline, though I'd love to see one. Unfortunately to do justice to the comic story it would need to be MA/R which WB would not run with given its target audience. 

A Killing Joke film could be possible. Just looking at the wild success of the MA15+ Deadpool, or the Netflix adaptation of Jessica Jones, might inspire WB. 

I would love to see it, but I agree that it needs to be done properly if done at all.

As for the Jokers Funhouse, a direct copy from Killing Joke would be way too inappropriate for the park. However, I wouldn't rule out using it as a piece of inspiration.

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9 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

There is no 'Killing Joke' movie in the pipeline, though I'd love to see one.



You were saying?



As for material, i'm saying omit the parts about Barb, and use other ideas. Like the giant mirrors showing only his face, hang a few henchmen from the ceiling...

Have a look at the sneak peek released yesterday to see where i'm coming from.

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I'd much prefer something slow and painful thanks @reanimated35.

Got bored at work today so i did a mockup of something using the showstage.


jokers funhouse.png


So a giant facade is thrown up against the showstage, and the exterior queue is in an old and overrun garden, with the park owner guy sitting on the toy thing at the front of the queue entry holding the injury sign for the ride. Once you make it through the garden switchbacks, the queue winds through a mirror maze to the station. Once onboard, you start progressing through the rooms just as in the novel with the Joker appearing on screens singing his song. Once you've made it through the first floor and start to go up a hill you still have Joker and his minions tormenting you, and the moment you burst through those door you see Batman and Robin spinning on industrial sized fans (throwback to Adam West) with Jokers commentary saying something like "I picked these 2 up from Eddie". As you progress through these rooms the ride becomes less Killing Joke and more madhouse. There's rooms with giant fractured mirrors that all of a sudden the Jokers face flies up to and shines through, etc. At the end of this corridor you turn into an open area with a giant Joker balloon. Here is a giant wild mouse type drop towards the floor and under the balloon. As you come back up you quickly swing into a long corridor on L2. In here is more of the Joker tormenting you and telling jokes. Through the next set of doors is the "cylinder roll", a round corridor descent with giant screens or something with HA HA HA written everywhere. At the end of the corridor is a bunch of small hills to fly over before coming to the end and swinging right. Here lays another steep drop but now it's only down 1 floor so its not as big. coming through the next set of doors is another random corridor before again turning right and going up another hill lift. Arriving at the top and entering the doors, you;re not in a corridor so you get a nice view of the height and balloon. the next room is filled with just the word "get" the next room, "ready" then the last room just says "guys". You immediately swing into the lift drop which flickers the lights off and all you see is "HA HA HA" in glow in the dark paint, and a screen above you, the Joker opens a hatch and says goodbye. Immediately you drop to the 1st floor, and the car backs out onto a turntable and staring you dead in the face is the joker again. You then pass through into the exit station.


All over the place could be hidden clues and throwbacks to Batmans Rogues Gallery and previous incarnations like a tree in the entrance garden with minions trying to climb it up towards a sparrow with a machine gun.

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3 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

Totta(lly) lost the plot....

Lol... he is responding to his own posts, too. Is that the same as having a conversation with yourself ie. the first sure sign of insanity? :lol::blink:


5 hours ago, totta3 said:
5 hours ago, totta3 said:


Suspended roller coaster

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