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Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

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the theme for SE is your on a subway train and an earthquake happens. before the subway train is crushed supes saves you and pushes you to the next station. when you hope on a real train you don't get off at exactly the same station you board on right away now do you? that's where the immersion comes in.


so if you don't want to use a locker than either leave your stuff with friend/fam OR use your private locker and stop complaining about them :P

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Latest piccies...  Annnd a video  

my spelling played up i mean latest more to come!

I don't understand why people are complaining about content. We've never had such comprehensive coverage of a new attraction before. Every member's contribution has been fantastic and is very much app

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53 minutes ago, bladex said:

there's a few people in here (won't name names) that have been saying it doesn't need a drop floor, won't be one. now that there's a nice closeup of it...confirmed that's the joke :lol:

Still doesn't need on. Didn't you hear Movie World has teamed up with the Australian Paralympic team to get some new recruits into their ranks. 

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To be honest, I'd rather many people visiting the park and sharing their construction pics than none at all.

Yes, some are daily visitors, but I don't want that to discourage the less-frequent visitors taking similar pics to what may have been posted the day before.

You never know, it might just be one of these "also" pics where we notice some subtle differences that provides a major clue to the ride/themeing/etc.

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23 minutes ago, skeetafly said:

Anybody else thinking they are having issues to get it balanced?   

That's what I've been thinking for a while too. It hasn't really been testing except for slow speeds and they did do something to the counterweights quite a bit after it was first running...

It still looks like some theming will go on the arms. I wonder if I'm wrong, or they're waiting for the performance issues (if any) to be fixed.

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8 hours ago, bladex said:

they will run it on slow speeds for a while than gradually ramp it up. doesn't mean it's unbalanced. the motor and gears are all brand new they need to slowly wear them in.

 Yeah my thoughts exactly Blade. Lots of moving parts on these, you would assume there would be a 'break in' procedure... surely? Even if it's just to ensure all the gears have seated properly.

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1 hour ago, AlexB said:

If memory serves, the 'spear' was only mounted on one side of one car. It's hardly going to be balanced doing that...

Plus, only a couple of dummies got to have a ride.  After giving it much more thought I now believe the spear was installed to test it.  What they were testing on the spear or ride, I do not know. 

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      VILLAGE Roadshow has reignited its plans for a hotel at Movie World, lodging a trademark application that reveals its likely branding for the nine-storey, 398-room landmark.
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      *trim brake, not block zone on this model.
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