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Aussie World in 10 years?

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where do u see them? They've come so far in 5 years:

  • RedBack
  • Kiddie coaster
  • Illusionarium
  • Flume
  • Giant slide / water play area / ballroom blitz
  • Annual passes
  • Halloween and xmas events

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Again with the completely unnecessary and immature nitpicking. 

Anyway POP I for one care much more about the question than finding faults with the grammar. We're not at school in English lessons!

To be honest I haven't given this any thought until now, but I'd like to see them add another ride every couple of years to build up the park. Not sure how much space they have though. 

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Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere so I will post this here.

Aussie World will be recieving a new ride as their venerable Octopus ride is being retired. The Octopus ride , which Aussie World acquired from Luna Park Sydney is a Polyp ride and was first seen at LPS in the late 70's. It was retained for the 1981 re-opening and then also for the 1995 incarnation of the park. It did suffer from maintenance intensive issues at this time and it wss sold to Aussie World in the early 2000's. Its a shame that this ride is going as they are getting rarer to find these days , especially in Australia, but given its later issues , it is no surprise that Aussie World have take the decision to replace it. I have ridden it several times and I would describe it as a cross between a Sizzler and a traditional Octopus type ride motion.

No word on what will replace it yet, but Aussie World will be making an announcement soon with hopefully installation to occur later this year. 

Given the footprint avaliable,  it will definitely be a flat ride of some description.

What do you guys think? Will Aussie World opt for a brand new ride  or would a second hand option be the order of the day? Aussie World have had considerable success with second hand rides over the last 10 years and if the right option was available on the market, it could be a viable alternative to a new purchase. 

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6 hours ago, Theme Park Girl said:

Argh. Don't repost in this topic! It'll draw the trolls back ???


Surely the mature posters on this board will respond to a legitimate and obviously genuine post. I certainly extend that courtesy to the majority of people on here- and I refuse to let tossers and idiots spoil my enjoyment of the board. If I can ignore that crap most of the time , then I am sure everyone else can too:D

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I jumped a little bit when I saw this thread again, I thought the trolls had once again taken residence under the bridge (by bridge I mean Parkz. Because Parkz is a brige, obviously)

Good thing it's still clear. It's been nice and quiet the past while and I hope it stays like that.

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