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Dreamworld Review 26 Mar 2016

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These photos are straight from the camera, no editing done, so I might post some better quality pics in the photos thread later on. 


We arrived at the park around 0845 to find an almost empty carpark. When we left at around 1330 there was hardly any carparks left. 

Getting in was super easy, we went in, signed the "we wont sue if your tiger mauls us" forms and went on our way to the kindy. The tigers are so much softer than I thought they would be and the whole experience was great. We expected to not have much time with them as it was only supposed to be 20 minutes. All up we were in there for around 30 - 35 mins (I think - longer than 20 min though) and had plenty of time to interact with each cub. They're surprisingly a lot softer than I thought they would be. We're likely to go back in a month or two when they start doing the VIP experiences with the white tiger cubs. We were lucky to have both Adira and Akasha available today. I believe they said tomorrow it would only be Kai doing the meet-and-greet. 



On to a general park wrap up - 

Firstly a couple of negatives - 

Why do the goldrush toilets always smell like people just walk in and pee all over the floor? It smells worse than what I remember the WnW change room smelling like. 

We all know Tiger Island is getting a $7m revamp, but one thing that did confuse a lot (almost all that I saw) of people was that you can still get through to the other side of tiger island via the ToT shop. This isn't signed and doesn't look like it's possible, but you can (according to the sign on the other side) - there was no signage on the ToT side to advise of this, meaning several people, ourselves included were getting to the shop and turning back. A simple "though to..." could have fixed it easily. 

Also - how many years has it been ToT2 now?



Speaking of signs - 

Signs holding up well 

sign2.JPG sign3.JPG


Signs holding up not so well 




I don't know why, but these signs just bother me. Please Dreamworld - update them! "Log Ride" - how about "Rocky Hollow Log Ride" And "Rapid Ride" - why not "Thunder River Rapids"? The signs just look faded, outdated and, well, crap. 

Good - replace them with updated signs

Better - replace them with a park map with "you are here" 


Is "Rivertown" still a thing? 


Finally for the negatives, it's 30+ degrees outside today. Could someone PLEASE get this poor bugger some more water. 



The positives - The kindy looks great, especially for a temporary attraction. The care that's gone into it is excellent and shows their dedication to the animals. 

The food at Grid is excellent. I was quite surprised and impressed. I was expecting it, like almost all other themepark food I'd experienced to taste like cardboard. The burger was absolutely delicious. 

While I didn't try it myself, the pizza place looked like it was serving up great quality food too. 

Ok, let me just pause here for a sec.



I hope someone got that. 

The park itself is looking great, and while I haven't been in quite some time (last time I went, I don't think the Tailspin had even started construction) I must say it's looking the best I've seen it. Everything just felt clean around the park and it had a nice atmosphere to it. 

I'm sure we've all seen this before but here's a few general park shots. 

Close enough to fit in with the area and block off the old chairlift station, but it does look a bit 'flat'. IMO they would have been better off opening the path up and adding some covered chairs/tables. 



Wipeout - Phone camera isn't too bad. 



I was shocked to see no-one enjoying the thrills-a-minute action on Kelly's Show Down!


....Or weighing themselves on the olden-day 1870's scales next door... (sorry for the terrible exposure on that shot) 


....Or admiring the classic, as seen in almost every western movie ever made, bright fluro pink building.



Tower Of Terror 2's getting decent-ish height. 



We did have to stop and wait for a light truck to pass at one point. Not sure why they'd be getting deliveries on a busy day like today. 



When I hear "Hot Wheels", the first thing that comes to my mind is "Range Rover" 






The creek is looking decent again



At least they updated SOME of the map.



Not sure if this is just for the holidays, but this is always refreshing to see.



And what would a Dreamworld update be without mentioning after 489 weeks and 4 days, Eureka is still SBNO

eureka.JPG e2.JPG



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1 hour ago, Santa07 said:

Doesn't the track sit at 15m above ground in the first place?

It would be around about that height maybe he went on the Tower of Terror when it can sometimes get stuck at the end of the tunnel, break down in other words then you would reach around about 15m. :D

When I go DW the TOT2 usually ends up reaching heights between the T of the Terror and O of the of, depending on the load weight.

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Yeah I don't see what's so hard about it. Those are the facts. The tower itself is just under 120m tall, and typically you go up past the halfway mark on most launches.

What do you think is going to happen to a cart that is magnetically flung down an L shaped track at speeds of around 160km/h? Do you *really* think it is only going to go 15m in the air? 

Physics say no. 

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