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If they were to get another coaster,I would suggest a bush theme for a wooden coaster,like Wonderland.For a steel coaster,I would suggest extending ocean parade for a standup coater like 'THE WAVE' or something like that.A holloween theme would make it look tacky,and besides,I dont like horror films.If there was not going to be a coaster(and let's face it,there is'nt going to be)I would say a........Dam,I can't think of one.Well, they do have 11 themes already.

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Most newer areas of the park are barely themed. Nick Central is just "nice" with the odd statue or picture of characters. The extent of Ocean Parade's theming is the sand they filled the garden beds around Reef Diver with, and some fibreglass animals here and there. Do the same as what they did with Nick Central - just make it nice with some nice green gardens, open paths, some trees here and there for shade and maybe fill the rest with grass. It would look much better than a "themed" area, because unless significant money is spent, themed areas can really come off as tacky. Make it just aesthetically pleasing, and given that they've suggested the area will be filled with thrill rides, give it a nice name that hints at thrill rides and doesn't need cheap fibreglass items thrown randomly around the place to make any sense

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