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Is it just me of has that ride been closed for Maintenence for a while now. In December 2013 me and my family went up to Aussie World for the first time and I was looking forward to riding it, but to my dissapointment it was down for Maintenence. But anyway I still had a good time and would come back again some other time when it was open. I just checked their website a few days ago and it says it's down for Maintenence.... Still?

Maybe it has been operating in the time since then but the site doesn't really give that much info whether their rides will be open or closed or for how long, so maybe someone here has a better idea what's going on.


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2 hours ago, Theme Park Girl said:

Haha, that coaster is insane! Rode it once a few years back and my sister in law and I couldn't believe we were still alive when we got off of it. We couldn't stop laughing about it afterwards. Talk about rough as guts lmfao. Loved the air time tho :lol::lol::lol:

You should try your chances and ride it again.

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Rode this excellent little coaster several times when I visited Aussie World a couple of years ago. These wooden Wild Mouse coasters are rare rides now and we in Australia were lucky to have 3 in the country at one point! They certainly pack a punch!

I have also ridden the Blackpool unit and found that IMHO, its unique layout is superior to our Aussie World and LPS counterparts.

I must admit to being disappointed with the operations of the Mouse at Aussie World though- unlike at LPS, they do not allow 2 riders per car  and their height limit is 130cm minimum.( Is this a Queensland thing?) By contrast LPS Wild Mouse allows for 110cm minimum height and 2 riders per car, making it a far more flexible and family friendly attraction.

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