Rollercoaster Derailment in Scotland

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Yeah its  a bad one.

For those who didn't know, the Tsunami is a Pinfari travelling inverted coaster. There have only been 4 examples of this model ever sold, with only 3 still operating.. It has been at M&D's since 2004 and before that,travelled in South America. ( Thanks to the ever handy and reliable RCDB!)

Hopefully no one is seriously injured. At first glance, it appears that something significant has failed- especially for the train to leave the track in that manner.

That picture of the wheels sitting on the pavement by themselves is absolutely chilling!




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I would say the train was in bad shape overall, one wheel carrier has failed and its caused a cascade failure of the whole train. 

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Its a massive shame. For their size it actually looked like a decent coaster. I imagine it would be rough- Pinfari's are notorious for this- but for its footprint it seems to deliver a decent ride experience. This is a good POV showcasing the ride and that also some off-ride footage. A ride like this would be extremely welcome in some of our smaller parks- both Luna Park's and Aussie World being prime candidates.

Hopefully the ensuing investigation is thorough and quickly finds the problem. Fingers crossed the accident was not borne from neglect on maintenance- the industry in the UK does not need a finding like that to have hang over its head, especially after the tragic accident on Smiler 12 months ago.

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The ride itself looks like it's really rough and the track looks almost brittle, nothing like Arkham Asylum's track design. The two rides do have a similar layout, with the first drop leading into the roll-over. It's amazing that no-one was killed but it will be interesting to see what ends up of this, if it was Pinfari's fault or the operators of the coaster.

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