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The new walking dead attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood

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It's a walk-through with scare actors and animatronics. Similar to their mazes at Halloween except with a better fit out because they have a bigger budget for a permanent attraction.

From what I've read they'll change it up during Halloween Horror Nights by adding more scare actors.

It sounds pretty good and a real improvement in terms of quality on the old House of Horrors attraction that was there.  

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The original House of Horrors was still a top notch attraction IMO. Since it was a permanent walk through it definitely had better detail than their mazes for Halloween. 

A nice welcomed changed though and I am all for refreshing it every few years instead of eliminating the attraction all together.

Lets just hope it doesn't have it's usual 3 hour wait like the Halloween Horror Nights version, ha.

Thanks Clayton! Just please credit the original source, share a link to a report, etc. Even give us your thoughts on the topic maybe, after all it is a forum.

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^From what I've read, they have set it up so it can be changed up, which is good. Walking Dead's popularity will eventually run it's course.

What House of Horrors lacked to me was moving parts, some nice sets, but nothing much happened.  WD seems to have a lot more interaction and heaps happening. The Halloween Horror Nights overlays for House of Horrors were always the weakest maze IMO, it didn't loan itself to being a haunt maze well. Don't get me wrong it's all relative, still lots of fun, but I thought the other mazes were better.

I remember the Mummy walk-through before House of Horrors. Waiting, waiting, waiting for someone to jump me - nothing, and then at the very end with daylight in sight, this guy dressed as an Egyptian statue totally got me.  

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8 hours ago, AllegroCrab said:

Can we not downvote posts based on someone's history? Clayton's actually added something worthwhile here.


8 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

Yep, that's what I was trying to point out with my post 

It IS almost worth down voting for using hashtags (in a non-comedic way) on a forum though :P 

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It looks really great. I wish I could see it in person. Maybe someday Warner Bros Movie World or Dreamworld could get the rights to include The Walking Dead attraction if its possible. Although it is missing certain parts like Woodbury & Terminus.

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