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Gilmore Space Technologies Tourist Attraction

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I'm not sure if this is how you do this, I'm new to the whole forum thing, but I saw this in today's (13/07/16) Gold Coast Bulletin.

An application for a Tourist Attraction (Temporary) by Gilmore Space Technologies located at Pimpama Jacobs Well Road, Pimpama.

Or is this old news?

Apologies for quality of the pic




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Yeah it's a weird project. 

The current 'shed' was built about 2 Years ago, across from the dilapidated Strawberry Farm (where there is no actual Strawberry Farm..). I've never seen a car or any movement outside the building. The company gets some screen time on the local news every 6months or so. They were talking about sub-space launches not too long ago. I think it's a passion project for some like minded individuals. Good luck to them, if it ends up adding to the education tourism industry on the GC it can only be a good thing

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This shed was originally built for the company to build rockets in from what I have been told.  For some reason they now build the rockets at Yatala.  For time being they will be running a smaller tourist attraction within this shed until they start building the rockets in it as originally planned.  The Strawberry Farm is where the final tourist attraction will be built and they purchased that land years ago.  They also have the approval to build the tourist attraction on the old Strawberry Farm site.  I believe this is why this is just a temporary attraction until the other one gets built.  For now, you need to go with your school to get inside but it will open up to everybody once the one at the Strawberry Farm is completed.

Some photos attached of what you can do and see inside.




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