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Ok being serious here, 

Dreamworld has their Big 9 Thrill Rides which includes TOT2 and Giant Drop,

Movie World has a lot of thrilling roller coasters compared to Dreamworld however as what reanimated said, Superman and Wild West Falls are closed of course the most thrilling ride in the park, Dodgems :P 

I would say both parks are all day experiences IMO so it comes down to your personal taste 

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1 minute ago, bladex said:

deff dreamworld mw is ok but dw has way more thrill rides. even with only one lame coaster :lol:

Dreamworld has three coasters - the Buzzsaw and Tower of Terror II as well. Both of them are pretty intense thrill wise, whilst Hot Wheels SW offers your more traditional coaster experience ;) 

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On 10 August 2016 at 7:10 PM, BGK said:

Hi :)

i'm on a trip from Japan with my friends.

we want to visit one of the theme park.

we are looking for thrill rides.

which is a better option for us?

If you're short on time, want to get a photo with a koala, see some native Australian wildlife and enjoy some rides with friends, Dreamworld is definitely the most well rounded experience. You'll be able to tick a lot of boxes in one day without it being a mission.

If you love roller-coasters, then Superman Escape alone will give just about everything in Japan a run for its money and thus Movie World becomes a great choice. If you're a fan of parks like USJ or DisneySea then Movie World is much more your thing.

If you have a few days, i'd genuinely do both, these days Movie World & Dreamworld compliment each other more then they do compete in my mind. Both have great rides that each other doesn't have.

If you're short on time and if you have a bit of money to spend on Ride Express and Fast Track (that's the names for each park's queue skipping system) then you could do both in one day too. Ultimately, in any scenario you'll have a great time.

Keep us posted - send us some pictures of your time in Australia. :)

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On 8/12/2016 at 10:52 AM, webslave said:

It's amazing how much Superman carries Movie World in these types of discussions.

It's not that amazing. It shows just how good of a ride it is for the park. If I had to make the decision between DW and MW I'd choose MW every time just so I can ride Superman again.

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