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Goliath - Adventure World’s new Intamin Gyro Swing

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1 hour ago, Tim Dasco said:


Make sure you come to the park in bathers if you intend on riding Kraken and other water slides. I highly recomend doing them. Adventure world is very different to other theme parks. You can go on all rides and walk around the park without a shirt on/ in bathers. You can also go around the park and on rides bare foot including Abyss.

If you plan to go on a hot day, walking around the park barefoot is best avoided. Rampage's flooring, on a hot day, gets extremely hot and can seriously burn your feet. After a full day at the park walking to numerous rides barefoot I had blisters all over my feet because of the hot concrete. Now, obviously your visit is not in the middle of summer, but given Perth's climate it's a good idea to wear thongs while walking around, or bring enclosed shoes for go-karts (do they still do that rule now?).

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It is going to be a great ride. The theme was originally supposed to be more GOT meets war craft and as with Abyss. I would have preferred something a bit dirtier/harder/solid,  given the nature 

Hey guys, I went to adventure world today for the physics day and got a few photos of Goliaths themeing, enjoy. And yes I did ride Goliath (3 times to be exact) and omg its amazing  ps. I've been

Closer view of Mi3.  Does this mean Abyss is finally getting aircon in its queue line?!

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They do offer crocs if you want to ride the go karts and you left your shoes at home.

I have no problems fitting into Inferno and I'm 187cm, if that helps. I think Black Widow has a 90kg weight limit; I'm not sure about the height.

@AlexB - what was he supposed to say? "Don't forget to bring your togs in your port?" ??

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Swimwear is clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, diving and surfing, or sun-orientated activities, such as sun bathing. Different types may be worn by men, women, and children. Swimwear is described by a number of names, some of which are used only in particular locations, including swimsuit, bathing suit, swimming costume, bathing costume, swimming suit, swimmers, swimming togs, bathers, cossie (short for "costume"), or swimming trunks for men, besides others.



Regional dialects differ. Boardies refers to specific items worn - quick dry shorts - bikini is obvious - but for example, if you were talking to a bunch of teenage boys, you wouldn't say 'bring your bikini' - likewise, most wouldn't presume to tell a bunch of teenage girls to 'bring their boardies'. If you were talking to a mixed group of male\female\other - you'd be less likely to say 'bring your boardies or your bikinis' (also because some girls wouldn't wear a bikini and feel self conscious or pressured that they have to), so the above highlighted terms are more general, less specific @MaxxTheMonster

I grew up in Sydney, and we referred generally to either 'cossie' or 'swimmers'.

(*At this point, can I suggest the swimwear related posts be moved to 'let's talk shit' or similar please admin?)

As for regional dialects and language, here's a few more to pique some discussion:

  • Sizes of beer glasses. What some call a schooner, Adelaide calls a pint, despite it being only 425ml - What Sydney calls a Middy, Brisbane calls a Pot, Darwin a handle, Adelaide a Schooner. Fascinating! Try this link to be sure you always get the beer size you want (i'm looking at you @joz)
  • Small hotdog frankfurts. In Sydney, and perhaps an old fashioned term - they were called 'little boys', but to my amusement, Brisbane call them 'Cheerios' (which I consider a breakfast cereal) whilst others (and most manufacturers) simply call 'Cocktail Frankfurts'
  • I've always been amused how Castle and Dance (and various other words) are pronounced around the country too - I think mostly this applies to Adelaide, who say "CASSLE" and "DAHNS" whereas in Sydney we said "CAH-SEL" and "DANTS"

What others are out there we're missing?

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3 hours ago, AlexB said:


  • Sizes of beer glasses. What some call a schooner, Adelaide calls a pint, despite it being only 425ml - What Sydney calls a Middy, Brisbane calls a Pot, Darwin a handle, Adelaide a Schooner. Fascinating! Try this link to be sure you always get the beer size you want (i'm looking at you @joz)

I just order pints. :D


Anyway got a question, was looking at the calendar for February contemplating a visit, what is the Summer Nights event?  Is the park still open normal hours during the day and is there extra entertainment?  Tell me things!

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@joz at the moment not much has been revealed about "Summer Nights event". During Summer months (December and January) Adventure World always has extended trading hours. But this was on their website regarding Summer Nights.

"The season will also see the return of the popular Fright Nights events, which kick off in just under 8 weeks, along with the launch of “Summer Nights” in February, where guests can enjoy balmy summer nights at Adventure World with a live DJ." Perhaps @Mark Shaw can shine some more information on it?

They do however have a new show coming for December and January called Cirque Extreme.

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23 hours ago, Jobe said:

Anyway, as riveting and scintillating as discussing the vagaries of common colloquialisms for swimmers across Australia is....here's a thought!!! Let's get back on topic!!;)

ah... No. :D

21 hours ago, joz said:

I just order pints. :D


Anyway got a question, was looking at the calendar for February contemplating a visit, what is the Summer Nights event?  Is the park still open normal hours during the day and is there extra entertainment?  Tell me things!

Don't go to Adelaide then...

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went to AW on Saturday along with the 37 degree heat. Crowds weren't too bad and lines moved quickly even for the water slides.


Inferno was closed and they had people working on it at the top. Chairlift was also closed for at least half the day.

Got to try out the Kraken which was great fun. Guy up the top deserves an award!! firing up the crowd and seemed to be having a really good time.


The area near the Bounty (current home) has been cleared which I'm guessing is for the circus.


Special mention goes to the staff at the Kahuna Cafe downstairs. Clumsy me tried to carry too much at once and dropped my chips on the ground. As I was cleaning them up a girl in red came out to say not to worry as she would clean it up and she brought me a new chips :)

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Guys has anyone thought of the possibility of something like this?


I mean that's within budget, and what an outstanding family thrill attraction that would make for australia, as well as being australia's only decent woodie (besides the mice i guess, but scenic railway is painful and not fun).

Have we totally written off the possibility of a mini woodie here?

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A mini woodie does look pretty good. It would definitely help with the expansion of the park, becoming bigger, and it sure would draw in more crowds. But I'm pretty sure we've had some substantial hints that its going to be a flat ride. For one it was stated that there is a similar ride in the southern hemisphere, which I guess could mean Scenic Railroad, but there are really no woodies. Also, it said it would take guests to new heights. A mini woodie doesn't do that. Its not a complete ruling out, it's just fairly unlikely.

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Congratulations @Mark Shaw and your team for winning the Training Initiative Award for the third year in a row and being introduced to the hall of fame! Well done and well deserved!

From AW's Facebook page


So proud of our team for scooping up the Training Initiative Award for the third year running (and being inducted into the Hall of Fame!) at the AHA – AON Hotel and Hospitality Awards for Excellence at Crown Perth last night. Thanks also Hospitality Group Training WA for sponsoring the award. #teamgoals


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23 hours ago, Tim Dasco said:

Mark said it would "launch guest to new heights." 

AW needs another flat ride to make up for BR and potentially freefall. I still personally believe it's a star flyer/windseeker ride.

ah I haven't seen that comment from Mark. Well since there is one travelling the show circuit, and the new heights comment, and seeing him say that it was thrilling but not too scary, I myself now am certain that's exactly what it is. Bummer. Oh well it's a good family attraction as he said.


PS to the person above that commented after i mentioned the woodie, that wasn't a second hand ride i pointed to that was 3.5 million USD, but i will try find the total installed cost. I might even email fun spot.

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@Gazza I think it could defiantly be something like that. This way it is still is a thrill ride but does not have to be depending on what the rider does. So it will cater to a large market audience and that family/thrilling ride that is needed to replace BR and possibly inferno. Considering adventure World has brought from Gerstlauer before it seems like a possibility. I couldn't find the hourly capacity on this, but does anyone know what it is as AW have stated they are looking for high capacity rides? Does anyone think it could be something like Tail Spin at DW?

Does anyone remember a few years ago when Mark said he was having dinner with Gerstlauer's agent?

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 11.20.23 am.png

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  • Gazza changed the title to Adventure World 2017- 'MI3' Ride

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    • By iwerks
      Adventure World held the first of its four AW Nights for January on Saturday Night from 6.30-11 pm. Entry was through the prepaid ticket gate off the main car park. There were a couple of greeter characters, like my friend Magnus Danger Magnus and some dancing girls. 
      The band from last year returned as well as  a guy playing the steel drums. They had a lady with glow in the dark hula hoops, a juggler and a fire twirler on a Segway. There were a number of food trucks, a pop up bar and the usual food outlets open. Kahuna Cafe actually did table service. 
      It was a pretty quiet night as these events tend to get more popular as they go on. Most of the rides were open with the exception of the Dragons Kingdom kids’ area. 

    • By Aimsley81
      First of all, if this post belongs under another topic please close this. 
      In true Amy fashion, I have decided to do a spur of the moment trip to Perth on Thursday - just to visit Adventure World. I’m also planning on going to their Fright Nights event on Thursday night (tickets already booked 😊). 
      I’ve never been to Adventure World before let alone Perth, so I was hoping someone might give me some tips eg: do I need a locker or are there storage bins on the rides, etc  
      I’m super excited about finally getting to visit as I’ve been trying to get there for over a year and a half and it just didn’t happen. 
      Thanks in advance!
    • By iwerks
      @Tim Dasco and I paid a visit to Adventure World, today. There are no new rides. Quite a few things have had a fresh coat of paint, but lots of things haven’t. Tim was impressed with how the grass looked. There is large fencing around the haunt/maze area. Inferno is still testing. The animal part was closed, despite Aimee, the keeper, being inside and the place looking okay. Yarli’s Safaris has new paint/decals. Buccaneer Battle seems to be cracking down on any loose items(including hats and glasses). The crowds slowly built up over the day. The queue for the Grand Prix looked to be about 30 minutes.

    • By Tim Dasco
      So I was looking on Adventure World's Website and they have posted some information regarding their Easter Event that takes place during the day. I think its good to see the park adding all these events to it line up to try and post attendance throughout non peek season.
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