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Lets Talk Wet And Wild Gold Coast

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More conveyor belts for the rafts/inflatables, so that guests don't have to painfully lug them up stairs and ramps.  That's one of the major advantages I think that WhiteWater World has over Wet

@pushbutton did you have to walk 5 miles in the snow too?

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From Tuesday the 27th of December 2016 – Wednesday the 11th of January 2017, enjoy selected slides from 9am, with all slides and attractions opening at 9.30am. Plus, you can splash on into the evening until 6:30pm.

I don't know why they wouldn't open with those hours for even longer, until around Australia Day. The whole month the park is crazy busy, so why not take advantage of it.

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21 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

You're a stickler for semantics aren't you...

selected slides open from 9am


slides begin opening from 9am

who cares?

Not a stickler but have been interested in semantics a bit lately...

I just thought it was pointless saying selected rides are open from 9am when all of them will be opening at 9:30am anyway. It is only 30 minutes difference which could include the time to enter the park, use the amenities & maybe only get 1 slide in. If it was 8:30am, I wouldn't have posted anything as 1 hour difference is enough to make you question why most slides are shut if you didn't know they would be opening in an hour's time.

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11 hours ago, jake_hunt said:

@pin142 Keeping in mind that Queensland doesn't operate on daylight savings time, meaning that closing at 8pm is the equivalent of closing at 9pm in NSW.

So, they would be matching Sydney's opening hours just by opening from 9am to 7pm - which both DW and WnW are ALMOST doing.

Plus (adjusting for daylight savings), sunset in Sydney is 23 minutes later than Brisbane today, for instance. This being of course because Sydney sits further west. 

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Was going to spend an hour or so at WnW, but finding a parking space is impossible. The large carpark outside AOS was completely full. Not even a garden bed or grass area left. Even the staff/over flow carpark to the left was completely full. Literally no where to part at midday. So didn't bother. But maybe the park should consider extending their carpark even further.

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