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2 hours ago, Locke said:

Yeah that concept pic is clearly out of date, there's no indoor sky facility in it for starters. TBH I'd prefer if they just made the whole thing a giant indoor ski centre, ala Ski Dubai.

Fear not @Locke, after trawling through the DA documents, I have found an actual render.


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On 27/06/2017 at 5:16 PM, AlexB said:

makes alternative proposal which cashes in on land value - ie: industrial zone or residential estate


On 27/06/2017 at 6:06 PM, AlexB said:

Residential development

Residential development

I appreciate that you don't see the doubt.

Sure, they do great with residential developments

but I HAVE seen developments with proposals for "entertainment precincts" and "parks" become paved paradise, where they put up a parking lot.

I would be very interested to hear of how many chinese led recreational \ entertainment \ theme park developments there are on the coast at the moment...?


On 27/06/2017 at 6:52 PM, Locke said:

I agree that a lot of visions/proposals/rumoured projects come and go but how many major new theme parks have reached development application stage on the Gold Coast in the last 10 years?


 It's actually even better in the sense that no one is going to bother with a theme park development application for ulterior motives like to flip a site for instance. This has also been reviewed by the Foreign Investment Review Board.

This is world's apart from your local Surfies wanting to create a wave park or some skiing fans want to build a snow park that likely never progress beyond some whimsical visions. They just don't have the $$$ and I think it's right to be doubtful about such projects (even if I wish them all the best of luck).

In answer to your first question - Still none!

To your second paragraph - to me it seems like they've called it a theme park precisely to get their residential through.

You're right - it is worlds apart. How quickly will the 'entertainment' aspects of the proposal be canned, delayed, changed, diluted?

15 hours ago, Skeeta said:
  • LDR1 Residential
  • RD6 Residential
  • RD1 Residential
  • RD6 Residential
  • Car Park
  • Retail Shops


Whaddya know?

12 hours ago, joz said:

So it's a themed residential development mostly? 


12 hours ago, Locke said:

I think there is too much residential relative to theme park here.


I'm not a fan of the residential element either, I can see why they want to do it, what with it being waterfront land, but best if they left it off.

I hate to say I told you so.... wait - no i don't.

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1 hour ago, AlexB said:


I hate to say I told you so.... wait - no i don't.

You doubted the viability of it going ahead and were concerned about flooding, on which points, despite the fact you don't like the project, you're likely wrong, it will probably go ahead and flooding can be handled on this site. So not sure what you exactly 'told us so' about. There is no 'alternative proposal' here where this is all residential, they're being quite upfront about what they want to do.





Edited by Locke

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I think the objection I have with this at a fubdamental level is this piece of shit is calling itself a theme park where really it is at best a themed residential commercial area.  It'd be like if South Bank called itself a theme park.  I pity any tourist who gets duped into going to this little trap, and by calling it a theme park it tarnishes the reputation of the theme park industry and the Gold Coast as a whole.  I have further objections beyond that to do with cultrual inappropriateness, intergration, and other planning issues, but the thing that makes me object at a deep level is how this place is misrepresenting itself in a way that us harmful to the tourism industry.

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^ 100% this. 

Take the huge reconstruction of Uluru in the artwork, I could almost guarantee they didn't contact the elders for the tribe in that area or the local Yugambeh folks who are the tribe in the Gold Coast area to see if that was something respectful or allowed, let alone have a reconciliation action plan in place. 

I dig people's optimism but it's not like village aren't investing 600 million into a new theme park because they're all just scrooges, it's because there's no market for it.


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My issue is more making the skiing facilities bigger.

The ski slope is said to be around 5 200 sqm, now Ski Dubai is 22 500 sqm and most decent size slopes are in that range. SnowWorld (Landgraaf) is 35 000 sqm and the new Wanda one in China is going to be double that.

So 5200 sqm is not going to cut it! That's piccolo!

There's no point doing 5 things half-baked when you can do 1 or 2 really well. Just take the sqm from the mini-Uluru which sounds daft and add it to the ski facility. Honestly, who wouldn't want to go to a major skiing facility? 


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Flights to Canberra come in under $300. Just go there and do the real thing.

As for telling you, the argument was - theme park unlikely, more likely to be residential. Whether you see this as them being upfront or not - I disagree - the initial hype was all "we're building a theme park" and we're now left with something akin to resort-style residential estates. Having one or two major entertainment attractions does not make a theme park, which was the argument put forward.

Edited by Richard
Chill out... no personal attacks.

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Quick update.

G.C.C.C. Planning department have sent the information request to Songcheng (Australia) Entertainment Pty Ltd. 

The information request is 20 pages long. If any crazy fools like me want to read the whole document go to G.C.C.C pdonline to locate it.  LOT 4 SP180847.

To sum it up the council are seeking information on building heights, emergency evacuation plans, traffic management, floods, setbacks, erosion of the Nerang river and operating times to name a few.

If they are planning for the residential side of the project to cover the cost, Songcheng will need to do a re-think with council saying they are not currently willing to raise the height limit.



Building Height 1

Having reviewed the relevant provisions of the City Plan, in context with the surrounding existing and approved development, officers are concerned that the proposed building heights would conflict with the existing and intended character of the area.  Officers acknowledge that

there are somewhat comparable building heights within the Royal Pines and Emerald Lakes developments, however, these built form outcomes are established in a manner, and on sites, which have facilitated significant screening, setbacks and sleeving to reduce their visual prominence. Consequently, officers consider that the nature and location of these developments prevent them from being the prevailing or pre-dominant character of the area.

It is noted that the applicant proposes not to limit the height of structures which are directly related to theme park rides, which is a benefit afforded to established Tourist Attractions which exist within a different context to the subject site and are located on much larger sites.

Therefore, the applicant is requested to undertake the following:

a. Reduce the proposed building heights across the site, except where a height designation of three (3) storeys is afforded;

b. Provide a visual impact analysis depicting how the new, reduced proposed heights provide an appropriate outcome for the area;   and

c.  Delete all reference to this exclusion within the Australian Legend World






Songcheng (Australia) Entertainment Pty Ltd. Have 6 months to reply to the information request.



Edited by Skeeta

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It's early days in this process and I think council were right to push back on those heights, if a  developer wants those sorts of relaxations they need to propose something special.  

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Dig a 100 foot hole on the site?      ....Then watch it fill in with water when it floods.

When this whole thing was first announced I am sorry to say now how I initially jumped on the hype train and take it all back!  

As the Application unfolds the Project is folding and now it's just a joke.

Nerang could really do with a Kmart, just saying.

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12 hours ago, Skeeta said:

@Locke The Ski Slope will end up being 6m high.  How does that work? 

No idea, I think it's too small though overall. 

It's a preliminary DA, it's pretty much conceptual at this point. 

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