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luna park sydney's new ride

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It is a crappy, old, standard, portable, simulator ride. It was there during the school holidays anyway so it is not exactly new. It is a really poor attraction. They are obviously a bit desperate at the moment if they are advertising it as a feature. If you look on the main home page you can see they are a bit short of events in the "what's on" section so it is probably a space filler really. Not impressed. It wouild be very encouraging if they featured a new ride which actually was new and somewhat decent but not a bad simulator that looks like it's from the 80's. The place where they've put it would be perfect for a drop tower actually... even a portable one like the Mega Drop. Come on Luna Park!

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i went to luna park... that ride isnt worth the advertiesment! the park is open longer now, until 7.30pm sun-thurs and opens an hour earlier on saturday at 10am. good to see the park is doing well though
I went last night, Stayed till bout 10.30pm. It was kind of like a ghost town Hardly anyone there at all for a friday night, We got like 4ride cycles on each ride before geting off.
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