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12 hours ago, zacsta_1997 said:

Probably. But it's the first I've heard of it. And I couldn't find a thread on it. So I thought I'd start one 

Oh not having a go, I was more amused at the fact that they've announced this twice before they've even started shifting dirt around.

I'm disappointed that Universal Singapore isn't getting in on this though, they might not have room for a fully-fledged Nintendo land but there are still a couple of expansion plots they could put something in.

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On 12/3/2016 at 3:02 PM, SunshineTom said:

I daresay it will be largely Pokemon based. 

No. Just no. If you have looked for at least half a second on the press release photos, you'll see no sign of Pikachu. Nintendo is now mostly focused on Mario, Zelda and other smaller franchises and Pokemon is now mostly independent from Nintendo. The games are developed independently from Nintendo, and all marketing decisions are made by the Pokemon Company and not Nintendo itself. If Pokemon was included in the Nintendo Land, the Pokemon Company would be involved in the development process, and the company is not mentioned in the press release. 

1 hour ago, Brad2912 said:

Great movie! 

I love the Power Glove. It's so bad...

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6 minutes ago, Themeparkfan said:

I heard they are working on a donkey Kong mine cart ride featuring  a false incomplete  track under the ride car with the real track hidden  to give the illusion the cart is jumping the gaps in the track like in the Donkey Kong country game


On 13/12/2016 at 0:15 PM, YLFATEEKS said:

I believe Universal that has placed a patent on this design.  Looks like Donkey Kong kart jumping from track to track.  I think this would be fun and it would be cool if barrels flew at you.





This started me thinking what have you see that you liked but has never happened or did happened but is a little different?

Maybe even a crazy idea you have thought of yourself.


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Am glad that someone on here posted a POV of the land in general and a POV of the Mario kart ride. 

The Land in General - The land itself looks a bit small, which I could imagine will get very congested once parks return to pre-covid visitor numbers. Once Donkey Kong opens up, that might help the land feel a bit bigger, though I still feel that they should of spread this out a little more. 

Although I love many of the scenery/theming elements (e.g. coins, question boxes ect), as most of it is plastic imo it makes it feel a bit cheap, and as such I wish that they blended this with real life elements, such as using real trees (or fake trees which look like real trees) for their fruit trees. 

Also, as most of the scenery/backdrop items in the land are brightly coloured I wonder how this is going to age, particularly as these items are outside and exposed to the elements. 

I love however how much interactivity they put into the land, and the different activities that you can complete throughout. Going forward, I hope that both Universal and Disney keep this level of interactivity in any new lands they develop in the future. 

Yoshi Ride - Im sure that this ride will be a hit with the little ones, though for us big kids I feel this ride will be a one-time ride only. Although I do not mind the ride going slowly through the land, from a scenic perspective I feel is a bit underwhelming and very basic. As noted about, I feel putting in some real-life elements, more detailed scenery and maybe a few more cool animatronics/cool props/effects would help elevate this ride. 

Mario Kart Ride - Since this ride was announced several years ago, I honestly did not know what to expect in terms of how the ride would operate/function, though I had high expectations for this ride. 

Seeing both AR and non-AR POV's for this ride, I am generally impressed with the ride, although am slightly underwhelmed with the speed and length of the ride. I love how they incorporated both real themed and AR elements, with the haunted library scene with the swinging chandelier being my favourite. 

This ride was definitely developed with families in mind, and as such I feel like its a higher-tech/ next level version of buzz lightyear astro blasters. 

With seeing how the land is at the moment and with the standard of attractions at the moment, I really feel that they will need to make sure that Donkey Kong is a high-tech thrill ride to really complete and solidify the land. 

At this stage, I think only Japan and Orlando are to receive Donkey Kong (please feel to correct me if im wrong), so I wonder how not having this ride will impact both Hollywood and Singapore. 


Would also love to read other peoples reactions and views on the land thus far.  :) 

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