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For the true 'Water Coaster' check out these pics of Mack's Version at their showcase park, Europa Park. http://rcdb.com/installationgallery1891.htm?Picture=13 http://rcdb.com/installationgallery1891.htm?Picture=17 http://rcdb.com/installationgallery1891.htm?Picture=19 I think this is one ride system that really hasn't reached its obvious potential. This version (and most versions from the looks of things) look poorly themed, while SW Orlando's version if from most accounts is a well themed ride, which has very little in terms of thrill value. If someone could get it together and build a well themed coaster portion as well as a well themed (and for the record, I regard well a themed coaster as little more then a coaster with no or little exposed supports and with little or no view of the rest of the park) , boat ride then they'd certainty be on a winner.

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