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Cirque Extreme - Adventure World

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Just came back from the 4pm show of Cirque Extreme, AW's seasonal offering.  I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't this.  I think what we seriously have to ask ourselves here is, 'why isn't this show on at Movie World?'

The tent is massive, bigger than anything I've seen at the Fringe Festival.  The front half is the foyer, where there's a make shift queue area (which will be needed) and a kiosk of sorts.  Then there's the air conditioned auditorium, which can seat a couple of hundred people (AW's advertising says 650).  The show is billed as going half an hour, but runs closer to 40 minutes. 

Before the show, there are a couple of likely lads with supersoakers quietly spraying unsuspecting members of the audience, similar to Waterworld at Universal.  AW is also smart enough to have a couple of photographers on hand taking pictures of patrons and then scanning it to their wristbands.  They're also selling tubs of fairy floss and popcorn. 

The show is broken down into a number of acts, starting with the impressive wheel of death.  With each act you start off thinking 'that's pretty amazing' and then they top it again.  It's a real family affair too: the performers range in age from a young boy to an older couple.  After burlesque dancers, a lady with a fire gun, magic tricks and contortion acts, it climaxes with the high wire.  The performances are seriously impressive and with a few tweaks could be used as a sequel of sorts to the Maverick Magic and Illusion Show at Movie World.

I think Cirque Extreme is original and a lot of fun.  Adventure World should build a permanent venue to house these guys.  Congratulations, Mark, this is something special.

(apologies for the iPhone pics - will have to get some better ones when I visit next time).








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it'd be nice to see this at MW, but I don't think they've got the land for it - it would need to be outside of the park proper, which then causes issues with admission, unless you make it a separately ticketed event.

On the other hand, it's possible you'd fit it on the old sea viper site - and something like this would pad out what is currently a very bare day at the park.

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Yeah, either park is barely a full day. I was thinking for MW they could do it in the old Maverick stage area. SW they could theme it to Under the Sea or something. Definitely plenty of room for it there.

Either way, I think it's a clever idea. It's a good gap filler for the circus, which like many others, must be getting lots of abuse from the Peta crowd, despite their complete lack of animals.

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Park's not doing too badly, today. Good crowd at AW.

There're no shows on, today, for Cirque Extreme, yet I saw some of their crew out the front of their tent chatting to patrons, telling them it's not on.

How cool are they? I wished them a good break.

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I went to AW today from 2pm to 7pm.

Cirque Extreme is a great crowd absorber as the carparks were full but the park didn't seem full when i entered, went on some slides and the lines were really short.

Then at about 2:45pm saw the crowd piling out of the tent and the park felt busier.

Went to the 4pm show, nothing much i can add to iwerks review... the show is great. I recommend getting to the tent approx 15-20 minutes before show time to guarantee you a spot not only in the queue inside the tent but also to the show itself ! the show had very few spare seats and a heap of people had to queue outside in the sun (not that it was too hot today)

After the show nothing in the park was more than a 10 minute wait and that was Kraken.

After about 45 minutes everything was a walk on including Abyss which we did a few times right at the end. Still feeling the effects lol.

Park is in great condition.

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Went back again today :P

Circus on point again.

4pm-7pm is a goldmine , no queues for anything.

Even had the pool to ourselves for the last 30 minutes.

Bought donuts, a photo and also rented a locker to provide some income during the extra trading hours. Felt like there was more staff than patrons there.

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I expect it will be busier when the temperature hits 38 degrees in the next couple of days.

My only complaint about the extra hours at AW is the Kahuna Falls Cafe closes around 5.30pm. The new coffee shack near the pool was open later, though.

Was at King Carnival, yesterday. There were dolphins, nearby, in the estuary. KC is having a special on ride tickets after dark, too.

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