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Dreamworld Gold Rush Area Retheme

Town of Gold Rush  

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  1. 1. Should the town of gold rush remain or be rethemed?

    • Keep the site
    • Change/Re-theme the site

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At this point, it is highly likely that the gold rush area with be transformed into something different. 

The thunder river rapids are going through demolition, the eureka mine ride has been abandoned for 10 years, the rocky hollow log ride has been removed from the dw map and the ride itself has been drained and the buzzsaw is the only ride operating in the facinity. 

At this point a retheme is highly likely.

Or the site could remain, which would be more likely if the log ride re-opens.

What rides would you want to see open and what themeing would they have if the site remains.


What should the site be rethemed to and what rides would it have.

Also remember Dreamworld is announcing something this year.

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43 minutes ago, Prequel said:

That would be completely unnecessarily. Dreamworld doesn't gain anything from it, that would just be wasting money.

They actually have a fair bit to gain from it. Saying you have a new themed land is a major draw card. It also has the benefit of removing the bad image of the area. Plus it needs big changes anyway, so it wouldn't really be that different to adding replacements and keeping the theme.

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I have to agree with Gary. I think the 'olden day' Gold Rush theme is great, and it's nice to have some of the original Dreamworld still around in some form or another. Plus Gold Rush & Western themes (which I consider to be very similar in nature) have successfully been used in other parks for years. What I consider to be the best themed ride on the GC is Western themed. People love that sort of stuff. 

Personally I'd vote for a refresh of the same theme, as opposed to a replacement one ?

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'Australiana' has always been an integral theme of DW and I would like to see that continue with plans for a suitable runaway Mine ride coaster and water coaster replacing the log ride space. 

These are hardly new ideas and so many of you have been asking for these attractions for ages. In particular the Mine Ride.

Question remains will Ardent be prepared to shell out in excess of 20 million to bring the area back to life?




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I should point out to everyone that despite the area being called Town Of Gold Rush since Buzzsaw's opening in 2011, the theme is not about the Australian gold rush. From 1986 until 2011 when it was called Goldrush Country, it was but since then, no (though DW's park map calls the area Goldrush Country still). According to Buzzsaw's back story (which I just noticed has been removed from DW's website in the past month or so - so maybe they are thinking of a re-theme?):


Formed during the great gold rush of 1876, it thrived until the gold ran out in 1887. It then turned to timber and continued to prosper.

So if anything, it is currently themed to a timber town. The sign that you can still read in Town Of Gold Rush (which says the same thing in a very similar manner) also says the mine is for sale (a reference to the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride). Click here for a clearer image of that sign.

I'd like to see Buzzsaw, The Giant Drop & Rocky Hollow Log Ride opened to the Town Of Gold Rush theme. Similar to my Motorsports Experience idea (in that all the rides of a theme are brought together instead of being separate), once Thunder River Rapids is removed, DW should relocate the Vintage Cars to the former site of Thunder River Rapids to fill in the space in the meantime. Add some very scenic landscaping around the Vintage Cars track & it could fit in very nicely instead of being placed at the back of the park when MDMC got built. I'm not sure how much a relocation of the Vintage Cars would cost but it sounds like the easiest/most financially feasible option & might make DW's family market more aware again of the family ride that is the Vintage Cars. A more prominent family ride is what DW needs right now & the Vintage Cars would be a suitable interim family ride due to it being in a more prominent location in the park.

I do agree though that a new drawcard would need to be added to the area eventually (Vintage Cars won't be a new drawcard as it is one of the oldest rides in the park). At least the Vintage Cars would fill an obvious gap in the park map.

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4 hours ago, Jamberoo Fan said:

DW should relocate the Vintage Cars to the former site of Thunder River Rapids to fill in the space in the meantime

That would be an interesting idea, you could almost have the cars running along the footpath of the emptied trench of the Rapids, utilising the tunnels, etcetera. Although I have a feeling the footprint for the Rapids is a lot longer than Vintage Cars?

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5 hours ago, Jamberoo Fan said:

According to Buzzsaw's back story (which I just noticed has been removed from DW's website in the past month or so - so maybe they are thinking of a re-theme?)

I'd be more inclined to believe that it's simply to immediately address the current circumstances, and avoid any obvious insensitivities, since the ride's original backstory is about the ride being haunted by a ghost/poltergeist (and the fact it sits virtually back to back with TRR). Same reason they no longer play the Jack Darke audio effects/commentary, and have removed the coffin and undertaker wagon props from outside Eureka. Leaving anything like that post incident would be seen as very poor taste. I don't think it's any indication that a theme change is coming, just stripping back the current one appropriately. 

That said, there's no reason why they can't keep the ride themed the way it is without the back story. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that the circular shape of the track resembles a buzzsaw blade anyway, so I don't think people would question it anyway. No more than people not questioning the Wipeout being themed to a giant wave without an explanation as to why. 

Just my 2c.

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I don't know if this occurred to anyone, but technically giant drop is in the themed area of rocky hollow. What 'area' would the giant drop fall into if and when rocky hollow log ride is demolished? It seems kind of pointless to keep it in 'rocky hollow' if the ride specifically named for the area is gone

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