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Road Runner Rollercoaster Stuck at the hump of the hill. They were stuck up their for an hour and were rescued. This occurred during the last hour of the opening time. Occurred due to a technical glitch, the same reason as the green lantern stoppage not long ago. Ride is now open again.

Seven News Report- 


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I've seen a lot of sensationalist media stories over time but that takes the cake. Road Runner Rollercoaster stopping might have upset some of the children unlucky enough to be on that particular cycle of the ride but it is only a family rollercoaster that was working as it was designed to. 7 News is starting to get a reputation with over-sensationalist stories & I've lost faith in their journalism as a result of this story.

At this rate, 7 News will report on when a carousel refuses to spin or when a bumper car uncontrollably spins in circles.

If anyone wants to complain about the story, I think you can by using this feedback form.

7 News has to be very careful that they don't cripple the theme park industry on the Gold Coast any further given these types of stories are only being shown on the local news and not the news of interstate locations as the local Gold Coast community is, to my understanding, the main market of the Gold Coast theme parks - not interstate/international visitors - but I'm sure most of the Gold Coast residents know that a stoppage like this is normal & will continue to visit the theme parks.

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11 hours ago, MickeyD said:

Thanks @Jamberoo Fan I have messaged 7 with my distain on the matter. I sincerely hope that today's sensational nonsense is the last time we see it on free TV.  The likes of 7 are doing nothing for their reputation with shit like this. 2017 has just begun but honestly, what's changed?

I don't think seven news are going to stop reporting matters like this because a theme park forum doesn't like it 

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No, but the more we counter their sensationalist views with common sense, the more members of the general public will understand the difference, and the less people will be interested in watching \ sharing their 'news' and the less relevant they become.

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Two things.

One. This news story is crap from start to finish. If you think there's a problem with news reporting in the world, be it about small or major issues, educate those who share journalism with a clear bias.

Two. The irony. One second Channel 7 is running stories on dolphins and how good our parks are, the next second they're running stories that would cost VRTP huge sums of money in bad PR and yet by comparison, portals like Parkz that are filled to the brim with brand loyalists posting feedback on what the park does in a way that's not even remotely innocuous (because ultimately we want to see the parks succeed because we care so very much) and we're still collectively branded as a bad thing.

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