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Most of these things seem like Folk law, people in the park either know then or they don't. I don't think Admin keep official records of such things (unless for publicity purposes. SW once ran an ad for Corkscrew with the tag line "And the current record is 110 rides in a row. We dare you to try and better it"). I dare say ride supers are the people to ask about this sort of thing, as they've (mostly) been there the longest and may have heard something in their travels.

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I know that Kevin did 84, or there about, in a row on Demon. Space Probe was about 40 for him. As for Bush Beast, I’m pretty sure that is one record that he does not hold. A few years back ('97 or '98 I think) Triple M in Sydney had a "Whirl to you Hurl" competition where there were about 10 contestants who continually rode the ride for a few days. The only time they were aloud off was to go to the toilet, they even had their meals on the ride, but not while it was moving. I’m sure a few people will remember the details a bit better.

Question do SP restraints release automaticly, or could an op sit in the booth all day and just press the button to send the car up without having to do anything (if there wasn't a queue)?
The operator has to enable each cabin individually. This was done next to each cabin, so there was no sitting there and doing nothing. The Space Probe restraints unlock automatically when the cabin comes down and stay unlocked for about 20 seconds, and then they re-lock. The design of the restraints originally was that as soon as the cabin came down the restraints would unlock and open through the use of a pressurised cylinder. As the norm at Wonderland this was an optional extra that I only saw in use once. Has anyone else seen this in use elsewhere? "The Bus is now leaving for Record Brook, Western Australia"
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I counted Kevin do 52 on Probe one day. Was sitting at Zodiac watching him going up and down, talking to him via Zodiac's microphone telling him how much of an idiot he was. He must have been there for at least an hour and a half. Probably more. No just sitting down Joz. As Bus said, the harnesses automatically release, therefore have to be checked again and then enabled alongside the cabin before dispatch. Riders had to get up out of the seat until the catchwagon came down anyway.

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