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Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

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I think I can help you out here...  It means that... Tail Spin will not open today... Buzzsaw will not open until next Monday... Escape from Madagascar will not open until the following

Sidewiener? Not sure this is what they meant by use your imagination.

You've lost the plot... having a bad week?? It was closed, and they were working on it. That is maintenance.  I don't really understand why you've targeted me given the complete dribble post

Posted Images

In the case of WWF it was a safety recommendation by the ride Manufacturer. There are multiple sensors around both turn tables that would E-stop the ride if crossed during Operation.

The main concern in that area being the backwards drop and subsequent risk if someone panicked and tried to get out. The Attendant must hold down a button each time a boat load of Guests enters the area, holding it until dispatched and safely cleared. A high pitch alarm would sound should the Attendant's hand slip or they not be paying attention.

There was also a similar role in the Lift at the Tune River ride in it's day.

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It's easier to see them if you're the first car into the lift (second to exit) - as you roll back to prepare for the backwards drop - look to the right (at about "2 o'clock").

Some ops have lights on, some don't, so you won't always see them, but they're there.

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On 27/11/2017 at 2:59 PM, Brad2912 said:

JL is a complete disaster experience today...


Projection on the smoke screen so faint it couldn’t be made out

Final screen not functional at all 


Smoke screen not working last night and final screen still out...  Good to see they have patched Cyborg's Glasgow smile though...

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1 hour ago, themeparkaddict said:

Out of curiosity, did BuzzSaw, Tailspin ever reopen or was this just a case of a badly updated website?

I was there on Tuesday and both Buzzsaw and Tailspin were open. The notices out front said the Buzzsaw would be closed for the day but opened around 10:45. 

Witnessed quite a few breakdowns Tuesday.

Giant drop got stuck half way up twice, both times for a few minutes and had to be lowered down slowly
I got stuck on the shockwave for about 10 minutes as the attendant couldn't release the harnesses until maintenance arrived.
Also got stuck on the tailspin as we waited for maintenance to do a reset 

Was a good day but holy shit, never going again the last week of school term. The amass of school groups going on end of years excursions goes hand in hand with the most vomit I have ever seen. Tower of terror was shut for 40 minutes due to clean up, 3 outside of buzzsaw and the girl next to me projectile vomited as we stopped on the shockwave.. All the vomit and breakdowns reminded me of my old rollercoaster tycoon days.

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2 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

Dunno where you guys find all these vomitters from... I’ve been going to theme parks for near on 27 years and have never seen someone vomit first hand on or after a ride

That's honestly what shocked me, it's the first time I seen a vomit on the ground.. Then proceed to witness 6 or so on the ground throughout the day and one happened right next to me, and of course the ride breaks down and we have to sit next to the smell. The tower of terror attendant said it happens a lot around the school excursion time. Kids scoff down food and go straight on rides. The humidity was pretty horrible Tuesday too so that could have contributed.

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I am not shocked by the vomit, I am shocked by the breakdowns! Imagine what a general guest would think of that, if they were not so knowledgeable as us.

And why is it always the same rides that break? TOT, buzzsaw and tail spinner all had problems when I was there in June. Plus TailSpin has just been through 3 months of maintenance. It should be working 100%.

Sad really.

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One reason I’ve heard for WWF being closer for so long is because they’ve been trying to improve the harness system, and it seems they may have come up with a solution based off this pictures or are trialling it (Photo from TPSN)


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The more logical explanation I draw from that photo is that they're testing the flume with water dummies, the dummies don't have legs, and in the absence of an OTSR or Lap restraint (a lapbar doesn't contact the legs), they are prone to flopping around and potentially even falling out of the boat.

In my opinion, these straps here are nothing more than a method used to keep water dummies in the boat during a test.

also - lol at the TPSN page comments - someone (who i think knows the ride well enough) suggested the boat is looking a bit worn out (which I took to reference the scuffs, dents and 'paint rub' on the front.

Genius reply was 'its "ment" to look like that'.


Yeah. Sure.

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