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Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

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I think I can help you out here...  It means that... Tail Spin will not open today... Buzzsaw will not open until next Monday... Escape from Madagascar will not open until the following

Sidewiener? Not sure this is what they meant by use your imagination.

You've lost the plot... having a bad week?? It was closed, and they were working on it. That is maintenance.  I don't really understand why you've targeted me given the complete dribble post

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10 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:


Has anyone got a photo of the boats yet? Seem to be absent from the photos of the now filled channels I’ve seen...


Parkz has a “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL” policy. Please be aware of this before posting.

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8 hours ago, www worker 2.0 said:


Aren't you normally one of the first on here to tell any other poster " If anyone has photos of anything new they will upload it."?

To the equally special guy down the front...

I didn’t ask for someone to go down and take photos for me... If that’s what you took out of it what I said then there is no helping you..

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The 3 rides currently closed at the park, Wipeout, RHLR and Shockwave are all currently scheduled to reopen on New Years Day. Which would mean that Jan 1, 2018 could be the first time that every single ride at the park have been operating at once. Come on Dreamworld, no more delays, make it happen. Start 2018 right. 

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