Dreamworld's Stormtrooper Weekend 2017

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1 hour ago, Glubbo said:

Not necessarily - The 501st themselves and Dreamworld have been at this many years now.

@Glubbo, @Themeparkfan is referring to the dramas last year that nearly saw the entire event called off. The 501st even publicly announced on their FB page that it was the "last ever" one due to new complications with Disney licensing. 

Obviously they managed to come to some kind of mutual agreement in the end to see the event continuing into the future. Which is good news ☺️?


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Glad to see an agreement was reached and this event can be held at Dreamworld. I accidentally stumbled upon this event last year and it was awesome to see especially because I love Star Wars. I'll definitely be going again this year. 

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Well done to the 501st Legion and Dreamworld for another awesome annual event. Despite my family and I not being able to stay for long due to work commitments, we still had a great time today as always ☺️

The turnout today crowd wise was fabulous. Inside the park was clearly thriving and the carpark was nearly full when we left around 1pm. It was a great feeling to see it so busy, probably the busiest yet in my attendances since it reopened in Dec last year 😊






One thing, though... it seems Disney have come down hard on Dreamworld/501st Legion in regards to what they can and can't use for the event? Either that or they just didn't go bring in as many props this year 😕

There was definitely a lack of photobooths... last year they had the x2 speeder bikes, the trash compactor, the life-sized limited edition figurine box, as well as the four basic backdrops. Today however, there was just the latter and one x1 speeder bike.



This was my only complaint, being a bit disappointed as I really loved the ones which had props to pose with. 

Otherwise we still had a great time, and I certainly can't diss anything that's run for such a good cause ❤️ Hopefully there will be more again next year ☺️

PS. Did anyone else happen to spot Chewbacca at all? I swear I didn't see him at all today, including during the parade. Dunno if I missed him, or if he just wasn't there 🤔

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Was definitely an awesome day at dreamworl. Defenley the busiest i'v seen the place in a long time, would of been perfect If they had the cannon-ball express running around the park.

Big thanks to Disney for letting the 501st league continue to put this on.:D





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Nice to see DW getting some love from the public. I think even if DW were not to announce any new rides anytime soon, they should at least try to engage the GP with special events like this more often. Just don't use it as an excuse to not build anything new!! :P

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