[China] Girl thrown to her death after restraints break on ride.

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It is believed the accident took place at Fengdu County in southwest China.

The 14-year-old was pronounced dead at hospital following failed resuscitation attempts, it has been reported.

Footage shows her on a ride called “A Journey in Space” where she falls out of her seat and dangles from the ride.


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Yeah pretty average effort, but not surprising to see this come out of somewhere like China where they're certainly more lax and more self-regulating in terms of safety. Will be quite keen to see where the failure was.

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3 hours ago, djrappa said:

So many incidents with these Chinese and Indian knock off rides, it's really scary. 

Firstly just want to say this is a horrendous incident and I feel deeply for this girl's family. I'm not sure how one moves on from the loss of a child in an entirely preventable incident like this but I hope they eventually find some measure of peace.

Secondly I find it concerning that this Chinese Top Spin rip-off either didn't have a back up safety system or it failed along with the primary mechanism. I know that the Huss Top Spin's that I've been on have all had a belt that attached from the seat to the bottom of the OTS harness to prevent it from separating entirely in the event that the primary locking mechanism fails. You can see it 38 seconds into the video on Huss' website page on the Top Spin Suspended ride:

Personally I think any ride that generates sustained negative g's (i.e one that wants to lift you out of your seat) should by law have a secondary restraint system to prevent complete ejection from a ride in the case of a restraint failure.

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