Britain plans "Biggest Theme Park In The WORLD"

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Thanks for tuning in. On today's episode of "Things That Won't Happen" we look at 

British “Disneyland” Set To Open By 2021 – “Biggest Theme Park In The WORLD”

 Britain’s very own £2 billion Disneyland-style theme park could be opening in Kent as early as 2021. The London Paramount Entertainment Resort is being built by London Resort Company Holdings and will be built on a 388-acre landfill site formerly known as Bamber Pit on the Swanscombe Peninsula between Gravesend and Dartford

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I really grow tired of reading these stories the world over where they say "...will build a disneyland style park..." - i mean let's be honest - few of these parks get off the ground, and those that do are nowhere near the mark of 'disneyland style' except that they both have rides and charge admission.

I wish they'd just be more realistic... As I sit back and re-read this, I realise that there isn't really another park you could point to that is universally known around the world - i mean you could say a 'six flags park' but many outside the US (and the enthusiast community) would even known what that meant... likewise I don't think 'Universal Style Park' paints an image that people the world over would recognise... so I suppose 'Disneyland' is really the only truly "universal" park (pun intended)


Also, you spelled 'Britain' wrong. :P

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Looks awesome! If Alton Towers is anything to go by, Britain certainly knows how to do theme parks very, very well!

Only thing they don't have much is good weather. Biggest problem there is most outdoor tourist facilities (including Alton Towers) close down each year during winter. That obviously has a big impact on their profitability.

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This thing's still going? I'm pretty sure it was doing the rounds a couple of years back, even back to 2012.

This wouldn't *just* be a theme park, but would also contain water parks, hotels, conference centres, cinemas, shopping centres... if you're counting all that as being part of your "theme park" at 338 acres (or 136 hectares), Disney World in Orlando knocks you into a tiny hat at 10,360 hectares.

Whoever tried to push it as the "world's biggest" deserves a fair bit of ridicule.

As for whether this project will actually happen... it's been on the go since 2012 at least, possibly earlier. There are some decent parks in the UK - I would count Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach as the best, but that's because I feel a lot of other parks have pretty short and tame coasters. The South does already have a fair few parks - I would have liked to see it more up north, but I get that London is the place for tourists, just as Gold Coast has more parks than anywhere else in Oz. But there's still nothing concrete about the park, it just sounds a bit "hey, these are some plans we've drawn up, wouldn't it be cool?".

Plus, I guess if Aardman have signed up, where does that leave the Wallace & Gromit ride at Blackpool?

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For reference, Tokyo Disneysea was 3.5 billion USD (without inflation) and sits on roughly 170 acres. Of course Oriental Land Company are going to spend more (it's in their DNA) but despite that the numbers still don't quite add up for me. 

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