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Movie World Hypercoaster - colour, theme and announcement speculation

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*pretends to be shocked by your predictable smart ass responses*

@jack.c I would recommend you go to an optometrist.

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14 hours ago, YLFATEEKS said:

If your name is Meg, this is your answer. 

Hi Meg, thanks for your enquiry. At this stage we don't have any updates on the new coaster, look out for the announcement on our Facebook page and website soon! - Alaisdair from Warner Bros. Movie World


That's what they said last year.

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I don't think they could be 100% certain it will open in time for the Spet. school holidays, so advertising that it will be open is risky.


Personally I don't think it will be.  Major projects nearly always run over time.  September school holidays is only about 5 1/2 months away....

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19 minutes ago, YLFATEEKS said:

When I have mentioned a delay. 

When did I mention that you mentioned it?


Like any major project there can be unexpected delay's due to lots of factors. To categorically state that it will be operating by the September school holidays would be risky.  Sure that might be the plan but who knows what difficulties may arise?

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But for them not to announce it now or soon when people are planning their international/inter state holidays for Christmas and September now. So it's a wasted chance to really draw a big hype and attract interstate/international visitors.

Even if the announcement was MW offically saying that they have Australia's biggest roller coaster coming this year or something like that at least and maybe a few simple teasers to build hype and make the GP aware of it. All they need to do is look at AW and Abyss. They went as far as having guardians showing up all around Perth doing PR stunts.

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Taken from an article/paid advertising piece on the courier mail website today...



Renee Soutar said the VIP Magic Pass was the best way to experience four of the Gold Coast’s premier theme parks.

“The VIP Magic Pass provides unlimited entry to four unique parks, and with an upcoming announcement about the Southern Hemisphere’s greatest attraction launching at Warner Bros. Movie World in September, now is the best time to lock in your year of new fun,” she said.



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@xRazzBerryx I like this guess as well. The hypercoaster will be agile, graceful and acrobatic in it's movements - just like Catwoman.

Saw this Catwoman mug at MW with a colour scheme somewhat similar to the coaster parts sitting in the carpark. Coincidence?20170326_113738.thumb.jpg.5fac379abaf7569df7e4f2dc75b927a1.jpg

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Posting using my mobile. It won't show the photo in portrait.
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Also anyone that would believe that needs to have their gullibility checked out.

It's also a fake post. MW hasn't actually posted it. Wouldn't be surprised if there is a lot of this stuff going around today.

Edit: Just to clarify. It's unlikely but MW could post a fake announcement today so I was just saying this isn't it. 

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