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Storm damage of Eureka Mountain at Dreamworld...

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Took these this afternoon at DW after being tipped off by a member here (not sure if they want to be identified, please feel free to speak up - you know who you are 😆👍) but it appears that some early removal work may have finally begun on Eureka Mountain?



Really not sure what the go is, but will be keeping a close eye on this spot over coming weeks to see if anything further eventuates... 

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OK, so I've done some digging this evening and managed to find out some more info in regards to what the hole in the Mountain is about. If it's true, it's not as exciting as initially thought, which is a bit of a bummer! 😕

Ive been told it's aftermath of damage done by ex-TC Debbie when she paid a visit last month. I hadn't actually noticed it until now, when @Twilight Zone messaged me and brought it to my attention as apparent evidence of early removal work. 

I'm sorry for the false alarm, but yeah...  the only demolition work done here was by some serious rain and gusts of wind lol. 

That all said, I still think it's a worthwhile topic of discussion... it will be interesting to see if they bother to patch the hole up or not. I think this will be a big indication as to whether they intend to keep or scrap the mountain in future? Esp since they recently added that new door frame, as per @Skeeta's post above 😮

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I just wish they would remove it, since they announced they would shut down TRRR the whole area has nothing, it's a big area at the front of the park where they could definitely build a new ride or even a new themed area and just rename the buzzsaw. In any case I hope something happens sooner rather then later.  

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4 hours ago, wikiverse said:

Kevil Hill - at least as a temporary measure until they build more permanent storage facilities.

They still open Kevil Hill over school holiday periods, though. So not really ideal as a storage spot either when they allow public access every 2-3 months, and subsequently upkeep the inside theming and what not. 

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