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Effect or Audio Errors on Rides

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I rode GL back in January (3 times in the day) and had audio the first time, but not the second or third. I agree, it really changes the experience, and I certainly hope they can get it functioning as it should be before I visit again.

I really question the commitment to the theming and immersiveness of some of the GC's rides sometimes. Why bother with features if they're never in operation? I understand sometimes things need maintenance or a little bit of work, but why do they add things such as mist if it's only going to be removed or turned off later?

Similar to BT's fire at the ending - if you can't maintain the full effect, at least replace it (although the replacement in that case was utter sh*te) - it just ruins the experience if there's a theming-shaped hole where something should be.

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With Bermuda if i'm not mistaken during the construction of Jet Rescue they damaged the gas pipe that powered the fire effects. Considering i'd say they likely knew that Bermuda was going to be replaced soon (even a few years is "soon" in theme parks where they likely have plans years in advance) and the sheer cost of replacing it for a relatively short period of time didn't seem worthwhile to them. 

I guess it sort of makes sense given how much money Sea Viper / Corkscrew was costing to maintain in it's later years and they likely decided to keep that attraction running at whatever cost for as long as possible and sadly Bermuda suffered.

Does anyone know if El Loco at Adventuredome has the audio working consistently as it would be a very similar system to what GL uses. Just wondering if it's isolated to just the lantern or possibly a crappy design by S+S

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