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Dreamworld Daily Parade


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While Dreamworld/Ardent is looking for new experiences for their theme park. I would like them to explore the idea of a daily parade.

I feel they could show off their attractions and create an exciting experience with licences they already have.


In no order they could have as follows:

* DreamWorks Characters like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots

* Two tigers walked from Tiger Island 

* Someone or displays representing the Corrboree section

* Vintage car promoting that ride

* A car from the Peter Brock museum or replica

* Characters from ABC kids

* Singers and dancers from their Main Street line up

* Dreamworld Mascots Belinda and Kenny


This would be something for crowds to look forward to at the end of the day and would be great promotion on social media.

Would like to know if others feel a parade would be a good idea and if they have any suggestions.


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It's an interesting idea, and it certainly suits the way Dreamworld is laid out and operates as a park. It would be interesting to see how they would approach the idea if it did go ahead.

I'd certainly like to see them theme the parade as well - like Disneyland does. They have new parades based on seasons, upcoming holidays and events, and newly-released Disney movies. That adds a bit of variety to the same simple idea, and almost guarantees (unless you visit compulsively often) that you'll see something a little bit different every time you visit.

I like the idea of a variety of "floats" or "displays" representing the different areas of Dreamworld. In the past, Dreamworld's shows and characters have been a highlight that sets the park apart from most of the others on the Gold Coast (with the exception of Movie World).

Overall, good idea. I'd like to see how Dreamworld approach it. For now though, I think they need some re-invigoration around the several areas of the park (particularly Gold Rush) before they go back to advertising themselves around the "many worlds in one" sort of idea.

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I definitely think a Parade from DW would be a great idea. They do currently have the opening show at 10, and the closing show just before 5, which seem to be popular when I've been to the park. And having elements from all areas would be great, especially some aboriginal dancing/music. Don't think they should or would do something for the Tigers, as they don't bring them out during the day when there are guests due to noise and people interacting with them incorrectly (They do do it when they are cubs however). But one big dance party on Main Street would be awesome. They don't even generally need to have floats like MW (but they would be more than welcome).

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I do agree the tigers could not be utilised to walk in the parade.

If a parade was established and was popular a Tiger Island float could be created.

That is true Dreamworld staff levels are not the same as Movieworld for their dressed up characters. It would have to be decided of which characters are more appealing to kids. The characters choice could be rotated each month so the parade experience is different on guests return.

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On 25/05/2017 at 11:00 AM, wipeout94 said:

Would like to know if others feel a parade would be a good idea and if they have any suggestions.


We are overdue for a poll and I wish you added one to this topic. :P(sarcasm intended comment as a joke)


As for your question, would it be a good idea?  I think it’s a terrible idea.  You are breaking my unique rule and all you are doing is copying MW.

If you want a new parade my suggestion is for it to be at SW.  If the Spit casino ever gets off the ground, I would like to see SW try and capitalise on it.  SW opening the front of the park up at night, all the way to the kids ride area. 

SW to run a nightly Fire & Water parade on the lake where families can gather, have dinner and ride a few rides.




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I see what people mean about the copying MW thing, and the staffing issue definitely throws a spanner in the works there. But there's no reason a parade couldn't work at Dreamworld. They have enough licensed characters, mascots and themes to justify a large show or parade as a "coming together" of all the aspects of the park. Maybe, as @Glubbo very sarcastically and nostalgically suggested, a show would be better-suited than a parade.

But, especially since Dreamworld really wants to compare itself to Disneyland for some reason, there's no reason a parade wouldn't be an idea to work towards in the future.

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@jake_hunt & @MaxxTheMonster Are correct that Dreamworld does lack the staff to pull off a parade...


Lotte World in Seoul has 2 daily parades.  A lunchtime parade currently themed to Carnivale, and an Evening Parade that features light floats, performers, and illuminated synchronised drones (I'm not joking) that I actually enjoyed more than Disney's parades.

A bit of Background info... Lotte World is the world's largest indoor theme park.  It has a number of indoor rides, and as well as 'Magic Island' which has some outdoor rides.

For the smaller lunchtime parade, some of the rides are closed (mostly children's rides) and the staff perform in the parade (as well as some professional dancers etc.)

For the Evening Parade, almost all of the interior rides close and the staff perform in the parade, and the park resumes normal operations after the show.  People are still free to line-up for rides during this time, but the rides don't operate until the parade ends.

Dreamworld could follow this model, but the Parade would need to be a feature.  The parade wouldn't just need to be better than any single attraction in the park, it would need to be better than every attraction in the park, otherwise people would just get pissed off.  Lotte World's parade is so spectacular that no one really cares if the rides aren't operating for an hour.  The even sell 'after 4pm' tickets that don't include rides because people go just to see the Parade.





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