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what ride is getting refubished next

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ToT needs some maintenance, but not a full-on refurb. Superman and JR don't need anything really, in the case of JR Sea World should be putting their money towards new rides not refurbishing old rides. Also Scooby probably won't be refurbed until the end of the year.

And can you please use some proper English grammar? A sentence-less paragraph is not easy to read.

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31 minutes ago, alldinoman17 said:

recently I been thinking whats the next ride getting a refurbishment while scooby doo spooky coaster is under way getting a refurb I was thinking hmm whats next to to get a refurbishment I was thinking superman escape , tower of terror 2 ,jet rescue will get a refurb in the future.


Superman Escape won't get a refurb for a long time, same with Jet Rescue. I don't think Tower of Terror would get anything changed anytime soon, because there isn't really a need for it. It's fine how it is. 

Like many other people have said, watch the grammar... you make alot of mistakes that makes it difficult for many people to read. 

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26 minutes ago, Flynn_Smith said:

Tower of Terror would get anything changed anytime soon, because there isn't really a need for it. It's fine how it is

Except that it's currently broken. 


SE recently had some love so that won't happen for a while. 

SW has other priorities than refurbishment of an existing ride (JR) that's still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. 

DW has a lot to work on, but my money is on the park being unrecognisable in 5-7 years anyway so I'm not holding my breath on it being much of a theme park going forward, so I can't see them bothering to do much with it unless ownership changes to a company who actually wants to run a theme park. 

So that leaves VRTP to refurb maybe something at WnW since they haven't been in the news much lately, but do they really need anything? They're still popular. 

MW could expand around the wild west area, but I wouldn't expect that for some years yet. 

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Superman Escape, maybe some extensive maintenance, but not a full-on refurb. The theme and ride are perfect as they are, provided everything is kept in working order.

Tower of Terror was refurbished only 7 years ago, so I can't see it becoming "Tower of Terror 3" anytime soon, and I would question the investment even to refurbish the existing ride extensively. Once again, maybe some good maintenance, not a refurb.

And I have no idea why Jet Rescue came to your mind.

My suggestions would be that refurbishments work best for older rides that are still popular and in good working order. For example, SDSC, WWF and HWSW were all ageing and showing their experience, but were still relatively popular in terms of their place at their respective parks.

I wouldn't be surprised to see RHLR get some decent work done before it reopens (although the investment might be a big one). Giant Drop could do with some work on the queue area, as it seems dodgy and boring. Other than that, I really don't see much of a need for any of the rides on the GC to be fully "refurbished" as such. I think the focus should be on maintenance and new rides, not rejuvenating old ones every few years. They can last quite some time without really needing that kind of work (TOT1 lasted 13 years, for example).

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57 minutes ago, Twilight Zone said:

Tower of Terror 3....Pretty Good Idea! Personally I'd like to see some face to face seating, What do you think?

I've heard enough* stories of people losing their lunch on ToT to convince me that this is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.

* Enough = one or two, which is more than enough to convince me

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Kevil Hill.

Dreamworld is currently down two major family rides.  They need something that isn't a Spin & Spew to keep bridge the gap between Toddlers and Thrills.

I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back laser tag for the September School Holidays because it is a cheap attraction that Ardent are already rolling out in their bowling alleys.

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