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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion


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1 hour ago, Smeg said:

Talking about the loop, that nl2 coaster so far has been on the money, it's like he actually designed this coaster ?? and it had a normal loop so I'm guessing it will be normal loop. The big wig at Mack also said it's a clone of flash with a layout to suit the area. So that hints to the same loop ??

Go back to page 142 and read a few pages from there. Find the pics of track pieces 42 & 43.

For example, this picture that @Theme Park Girl posted on page 143 shows piece a very twisty (sorry Richard!) piece 42, and counted back from the pieces already in place leading up into the Stengel Dive, it must be in the "loop" area...

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49 minutes ago, Ryande16 said:

Basically all coasters from the same company are clones, with just a few different elements to suit the area. Just look at the typical B&M hyper, all of them have the same out and back layout, no inversions, they all have airtime hills and a similar turnaround element.

No, they're not.

A clone is when a layout is pretty much a straight copy...For example Buzzsaw, Arkham, Storm Coaster, Roadrunner, Bug Run.

Using similar elements is not the definition of a clone, because obviously every manufacturer has their house style and a certain way of designing each element that works for them.

Trying to say using similar elements constitutes cloning is like saying the different sizedd models on offer by a car manufacturer are clones because they often share a family face and design cues, and share parts, engines etc.

And B&M hypers most certainly don't all have the same turnaround element, nor are all of them even out and back!

Nothing built so far matches Lewas Flash, not even the direction the turnaround is taken in, therefore not a clone.

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As I've mentioned before, I don't think there can be anything else in this area except for a loop. There is a footing outside the fence, which is no where near any other footings, which suggests that it will have supports that go up high. There is also another footing almost in line with it, on the other side, close to the airtime footings, which hadn't been used yet. From what we've seen so far, and looking at the other footings placement, I'm fairly certain that before the Stengel dive will be a loop, as shown in the video created by @docoaster

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Here's my take on the element before the Stengel dive. 

We know the first piece ever to go in was 49. This was leading into the Stengel dive. We also know that the twisty piece is 42. So working backwards, this leaves 6 pieces before the twisty goes into place. That means this totally rules out a normal loop before the Stengel dive. Possible elements could be a Zero G roll, barrel roll or a non inverting loop. By looking at the footings already in place I'm putting my money on a non inverting loop. I'm also now getting a feeling this may be a non inverting coaster, but time will tell. Here's hoping some more airtime hills get installed soon. ❤;)🙏🏼 

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6 hours ago, xRazzBerryx said:

I'm also now getting a feeling this may be a non inverting coaster, but time will tell. Here's hoping some more airtime hills get installed soon. ❤;)🙏🏼 

I'm sure we'll see some airtime hills when they start working on that narrow strip of land just after the drop - no room for "twisty" elements there, so a bunch of airtime hills would be a logical choice.

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By looking at this picture taken by @themagician, I've tried to work out what support is for what element. 


Ive circled the supports which I think are used for a certain element. 

Red = Non inverting loop 

Blue = Helix

Green = Exit out of helix into a right hand turn (another s-bend maybe?)


I then applied the coloured track to the supports for each element, keeping the same colour scheme. 


It is pretty much the same layout as Docoaster's No Limits version, however when it exits out of the helix, it does not do an inversion. 

That is my take on what the coaster will do next, it is pure speculation :) 

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How high is the section of track in Theme Park Girls 2nd or last pic in relation to Superman's top hat, which is  around 40m?


I still haven't been able to get down for a look and may not for a few weeks yet - just curious as to how much higher the lift hill etc will be compared to what's already built.



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