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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

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So damn SHOOK.

Here's a couple i got this morning.

Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other

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4 hours ago, TimMc333 said:

@Brad2912 Is that last picture of the final brake run? Looks like a nice bit of airtime leading into it.

Hopefully a few more airtime moments back to back just before that.

There's something awesome about seeing the supports for such a massive coaster as this emerging over the tops of such unmistakably Australian flora.

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Okay, so you guys really don't leave much to cover; but here are my two weekly comparison shots. (Photo's taken around 11am this morning)

Now that the final segment of the Inclined Dive Loop has been completed, only the higher peaks of the ride will make this shot different. (I mean, obviously, though, right.)DSCN7596.thumb.JPG.ab73e9fe2eed58f5efefe6d89485258d.JPGDSCN7600.thumb.JPG.47a115e18e8434b87725ec9cd2a3568a.JPG



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Are we SURE we're getting a non inverting loop? The supports so far look similar to flashes traditional loop compared to flying aces support structure on its non inverted loop.  





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Hey guys! :) After introducing myself a few pages ago I would like to share my thoughts about the way the coaster develops. To be honest I am very surprised that we didn`t see any loops until now. I`m also surprised that the coaster will be that twisty...while there´s no "typical" airtime hill until now. If some bunnyhills will come close to the end that would be a very nice addition...and if I`m right the the footers are clearly leading to that kind of ending :wub: Regarding the intensity: Mack are using a soft wheel-type on their mega coasters - leading to a very comfortable and quite ride experience - but also to a relatively quick loss of speed. So: It will be interesting to see how fast the coaster will be in the second half of the ride. Being a regular rider of Blue Fire I can also tell you that the coaster that you`re getting will probably become significantly faster during the day. AFAIK that change in speed is more typical for woodies, but Blue Fires speed is changing a lot. Especially because of the long track I wouldn`t be surprised if the intensity will change a lot during the day. I guess we`ll have to wait and see. But: I still have absolutely no doubt that this coaster will be a huge "fun-machine"...those very open trains and lapbars only are such a treat...I can already see you guys raving about the ride-quality after testing it! :D The last thing I would like to mention: Am I the only one who ist absolutely not sure if a non-inverted loop is an enhancement of the ride experince - or if a conventional loop would have been a besser choice? Besides that: Wouldn`t a normal loop be better for marketing as it will be such a huuuge one? I am really surprised they went for a non-inverted one.

So...just some of my thoughts and questions :) I hope its okay that I was posting these things here...

Have a nice day and greeds from Germany....


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Never experienced a non-inverting loop so can't comment on their pros/cons vs regularly loops.

i will say I am surprised we are not getting any inversions (or so it likely seems) on this Coaster. Would have been nice to at least have one imo, given the current #1 Coaster in the park also has no inversions. 

Still wont dampen my excitement for the ride though by any means, would just have been a nice extra element to have 

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1 hour ago, Glubbo said:

The general public are going to call the non-inverting loop a "loop". They'll see it as a loop with an extra feature. I still hope for for a roll after the helix and before the bunny hills.

Why though? If there are going to be inversions, there needs to be a couple at least.

This thing that rides like Flying Aces/Cheeta Hunt/Storm @ Etnaland etc have done where they pop in a random single inversion is neither fish nor fowl....One inversion is not truly satisfying for people who like loops, but at the same time a single inversion is enough to put off ridership from those who don't want to go upside down. Worst of both worlds.

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Apart from a slice of selfishness? Mainly because Flash has some, and it's something Mack advertise on their website as a feature in their Hypers.

Zero G roll late in Flash, Inline Roll in The Storm.


I've been casually watching other Mack on-ride videos, and noticed that The Storm has a similar element as our Hyper. Hopefully this can give us a feel for how our ride may feel though this area.

This gif is almost the same as the part between the s-bend out of the turnaround, through to the helix:


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^ The general theme of this coaster is 'twists and turns'.  Rapid direction changes, heart-line banking, airtime... a general feeling of being 'out of control'.

A barrel roll after the helix doesn't fit with that theme.  Unless it was perfectly lined up with some crazy twists into and out of it... but then it would just kill the speed.

Based on the rest of the ride some banked airtime hills, or some tip-out corners seems a bit more appropriate for this coaster.

I guess we will find out in a couple weeks.

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