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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

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So damn SHOOK.

Here's a couple i got this morning.

Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other

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24 minutes ago, Glubbo said:

Landscaping still to go...?

Yes... landscaping. Will definitely do another shot when that happens, I just won't do it weekly unless there are noticeable changes. Which is why I included it this week - first hill visible and the supports are now fully and finally in place; having been concreted/grouted in place.

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16 hours ago, themagician said:

Ignore this, photos already posted.

Thanks @themagician!

I know sometimes people post things up quickly, but its great to come into this thread and not view the same photo from a slightly different angle 12 different times, just so everyone who took a photo of the same thing got to post it.

This has to be one of the most photographed rides in history and it's not even running yet - so thanks for being considerate! :D

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