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Greatest attraction in the southern hemisphere, I thought it was supposed to the best in the world dammit LOL!

Well that banner is something to be legitimately excited about, it's going to be the most awesome aquaman themed fountain, and they'll relocate all those displaced killer whales from the sea world parks in the USA and thrown in a great white now and then for a death match. 

Running by Fright Nights 2017, I like that. Might be a good time time for another run on the VIP Star Tour next year.

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not 'the best' in the world - just 'one of the worlds best'. I think the southern hemisphere is easier to claim, without running the risk they did when they promoted Green Lantern as steepest drop.

I don't read anything into the pink, other than its a bright, fun colour that also makes transparency difficult - like a scrim. I'm pretty sure we've seen VR use this kind of 'pink' in other fence wrap and branding material - i had a quick search but can't seem to find any pictures though...

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4 hours ago, YLFATEEKS said:

I like the photo you put on Facebook Parkz.


@Jamberoo Fan I think you need a new calendar.:P

I'm quoting with the pic again, as it was on the last page and some may miss it. I reckon it's an awesome teaser. Such a good tag line, and I'm glad to see they are giving it the billing it deserves. The way the banner runs along the fence also hints to the scale of this thing. Nice work MW.

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10 hours ago, pin142 said:

Technically it has started being built this year. If he said opened this year then I could see a problem with what was said. 

He said "for next year...for this year sorry" - which, to me, made it sound like he was indicating an opening date (which we now know isn't the case - his correction, that is) but I agree with the interpretation that @gumb00t & @Tim Dasco made of what he said. I assumed 'building' included the actual track installation.

5 hours ago, YLFATEEKS said:

@Jamberoo Fan I think you need a new calendar.:P

Based on the SE timetable, construction fencing marketing would indicate track installation is about to begin plus that the track parts would have already arrived (did they hide them really well? or have they just not arrived yet? :P).

Here's an updated timetable :P basing it on a 30 September 2017 opening:

  • Mid November 2015 - Rollercoaster development application approved by Council/New MW attraction to be "one of the world’s best theme park drawcards" confirmed to shareholders
  • June/July 2016 - Site prepartion/footing placement tender advertised confirming the rollercoaster is a 'hypercoaster'
  • Early July 2016 to mid January 2017 - Site preparation/footing placement
  • Mid August 2016 - Original (but now delayed) announcement date 
  • Early September 2016 - Mack Rides confirmed as manufacturer due to their crates seen on construction site
  • Early November 2016 to Late December 2016 - Track parts arrival
  • Mid December 2016 - Construction fencing marketing added
  • Near Future - Currently most likely time period for the hypercoaster announcement
  • Late January to Mid May 2017 - Track installation
  • Late March 2017 - Outdoor media marketing campaign begins
  • Mid April 2017 - Trains arrive/Media call
  • Mid May 2017 to 30 September 2017 - Theming/landscaping
  • Early July 2017 - Train 'pull-throughs'
  • Late July 2017 - Main marketing campaign begins/Testing begins
  • Mid/Late September 2017 - MW website update
  • Late September 2017 - Preview rides/Media launch
  • 30 September 2017 - Opening

By the way, I'm not going to update this timetable everytime an error is made (if anymore occur). Given an approximate opening date was confirmed today and the timetable was based around an approximate opening date, this is an exemption. The timetable probably won't be updated from now on (unless you really want it to be).

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On 18 December 2016 at 4:29 PM, AlexB said:


Jesus, these quotes are annoying...

Replying to above, there's not really anywhere to hide track pieces, so I assume they haven't arrived yet. Given the opening date though, I wouldn't be surprised if they began to arrive shortly. Probably very early in the new year.

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On the contrary - there are plenty of places they could store track pieces without drawing too much attention - the catch would be getting them on property without being seen:

  • Soundstages
  • Boneyard behind WWF
  • Second half of JDS

It is unlikely that they would go to the effort of hiding it, especially after all we know already, but from what I understand - the 'Mack Crates' were initially stored back of house, and given they (belatedly) spraypainted over the crates, they have shown a tendency to want to hide things. 

Small pieces may initially get stored somewhere back of house, but when the big pieces start to arrive, it makes no sense to store them anywhere else, so whilst there are plenty of places to hide pieces, i'm sure we'd know if anything big had shown up. Perhaps the fence wraps are supposed to hide that (as if we aren't going to take photos over the fence! LOL)

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