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DC Rivals HyperCoaster construction discussion

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Looking at photos and videos of the flash,  and comparing it to footings on site now, I'm going to say that the left part of the coaster in the image above will be similar in the coaster we get and would happen here


If the coaster does have an inversion, similar to the barrel roll on the flash, it would happen around here


And the top of the lift hill and the large banking drop will happen here 


This is all just speculation and comparing the footings, so obviously could be wrong.

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So damn SHOOK.

Here's a couple i got this morning.

Some of the new track and other parts that has arrived The camelback The drop Other

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In five days we'll at least how much the grass has grown by, I reckon a couple of mm at least.

I don't think there will be any surprises when it is announced; I'll be interested to see what the customisations are on the base Flash model. Whether it's different (or more) elements or just making that style of coaster fit the MW site or both. 

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File this under the pure drunken speculation folder but what if the announcement is 'delayed' (as some are assuming) and as perhaps evidenced by the pre-announcement announcement the other day because Movie World saw the ire and confusion that came out of having a 'hyper' coaster be a couple of feet short of 200 feet among die hard coaster fans and quickly got on the horn to Mack to see if they couldn't up it a few feet without impacting the location of the support foundations? We all remember the kerfuffle about Green Lantern's "record breaking" drop angle and all the back and forth with that, so maybe they're just trying to avoid potential embarrassment of announcing an 'under 200 foot hyper' to the press and public?

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I went today as well and noticed them cutting the grass - haha! Anyway, things are looking really slow on the site. Hopefully some track will arrive sometime within the next week or so.

I keep looking at the footings and still feel quite confident that we'll see the lift hill run along the back of JL towards the M1, and a 90-degree right turn on the first drop. Not sure what will follow after that, but I am super excited!

Can't wait!

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