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Phantasialand | F.L.Y. | Upcoming Launched Flying Coaster!

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So only 1 year after it build the stunning Taron (and Raik), Phantasialand already announced its next big thing: the world's first launched Flying coaster!

What we know:

- It will be the longest Flyer in the world, beating current record holder Flying Dinosaur (1,124m)
- It will be located in the new Steampunk zone
- It will feature a launch (duh.)

What we do not know:

- The manufacturer. Money's on Vekoma now, but B&M is not out of the equation too.
- Opening year. 2018 is possible since they already started working on the new zone this year, but 2019 seems more likely.
- The type of launch. Magnetic and tyre are the two most discussed options.
- The layout and elements.


Phantasialand keeps adding amazing stuff at a crazy pace!

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I'm really sad that I'm going to this park at the end of this year so won't get to experience it, especially if it does open next year.

I'm pretty sure most people are about 90% sure it'll be Vekoma, since the steampunk guy in the promotional pictures is wearing a Vekoma-style restraint. I'd definitely like to see Vekoma come back with their flying coasters - the older flying dutchman coasters look okay, but the stingray model looks really unique and fun, so if F.L.Y. is something like that I'd certainly like to see more parks building similar coasters (who knows, maybe one of our parks could sometime down the track ;) ).

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