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Universal Studios Singapore June 2017 Trip

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So if you've been wondering why I haven't been providing many updates lately, that is because for the last month I've been out of the country travelling. And this week I've been exploring Singapore. Before I go into my review, I must say what an amazing country Singapore is, and if you haven't been before, I highly recommend it. Beautiful public spaces, amazing architecture and so much to see and do. Today I visited Sentosa, where Universal is located and as some of you may know, this is only the second one I've been to, with Japan being the first last year. Before visiting today, I was aware that Singapores park wasn't as big as Japans with less rides and attractions, and I'll try not compare the two too much. What was great was all the rides at Singapores park were different to the ones in Japan, so all the rides I'd be experiencing for the first time. Onto the review:


I arrived at the park at about 10:15, just after the opening, with a fairly short queue to the ticket booth. However a much much longer queue to enter into the park. Thankfully this didn't take too long. I headed down through Hollywood, and then right through New York. These being the Main Street for the park, they were full of references to films, stores and a few alley walls which were very well detailed.





I then went into Sci-Fi City and went on the first ride, Battlestar Galactica: Human. With loose items not allowed into the queue area, I went to the lockers, which I was gladly surprised were free for a certain period of time, with a small fee to follow after that time period (This was a similar situation for all rides that didn't allow loose items or bags, with each rides free locker time varying depending on the rides queue time at that point). The queue time was about 40 minutes, with the loading and unloading being reasonably efficient. As the queue was growing while I was in the line, it was decided that the second train would be brought out, so we had to wait about 5 minutes while this procedure took place, with that particular train having to complete a couple of test cycles before being used. The coaster was good, especially with the unexpected launching lift hill half way up, it had some good forces and sharp twists and turns throughout.




From here I went to the Transformers ride, which I will say, was great. Having loved the Amazing Spider Man ride in Japan, I was delighted to see this ride had a similar system, particularly with the rides vehicles. The experience these provide and use of 3D screens, fire, water, fans, sound and movement of the vehicles is awesome, and definitely one of my favourites.



I then went to the Ancient Egypt area to ride what I've wanted to go on for a long time, Revenge of the Mummy. I had high expectations for this ride as I'd heard so much about it, and they were definitely meet. If you haven't been on it before, I'd describe it as Scooby Doo on steroids. The queue was very well done, and felt like you were in a tomb, the trains, despite not looking it, were comfortable. The ride itself was awesome, and at a few moments caught me by surprise. The story told was good, and the sudden animatronics appearing were great, and use of fire really added to it. But the best part was the dark track section. After being launched, you go into this crazy, kick ass coaster section where you don't know which way you are going next, with tight turns and airtime. 


After some lunch, I went to the Far Far Away area. A greatly themed area, based around the Far Far Away Castle from Shrek 2, there is also Shreks swamp and a few other references throughout the area. The castle held the Shrek 4D adventure show, which I hadn't seen since the MW days, and was nice to watch it once again.



I then went and watched Water World, which I had seen in Japan, but couldn't understand anything they said then, so was nice to watch it in English. I really do love this show, and could quite happily watch it over and over. The interaction with the crowd is great, it's funny, and it's got some great stunts and special effects in it. 


I then went to the Jurassic Park: Rapids Adventure ride. I loved the ride in Japan (which was the normal boat one, and is one of my all time favourites), so I had some expectations for this one, and was interested to see how it worked as a rapids ride. It was a good ride, but not as good as I hoped, it had the usual elements and story line, but the finale to it was a let down, without having the suspense built, and then the T Rex appearing from behind the smoke towards you, followed by the massive final splash down. This version had an elevator, about 10m up, with the T Rex above, not really moving, and then then the drop. I knew as a rapids ride, the rafts wouldn't be able to the massive normal drop, just hoped for a bit more. IMG_9795.thumb.JPG.43d21599ca3d39666f01ae233ce4b55e.JPG



I then went and did a couple of the smaller rides, such as Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, which was essentially a river ride.




Then the Canopy Flyer, a small suspended style coaster, over the Jurrasic Park area, and then Lights, Camera, Action stage show, showcasing how a hurricane storm would be filmed in a studio with all the action happening live in front of you, which was pretty cool. 

I then finished the day off with a ride on the Battlestar Galactica: Cylon. This was a great inverted coaster with plenty of twists and inversions. Again the launched lift hill was great and overall it was a really good coaster, and I preferred this over the Human one.

Overall I had a great day, and despite it being a smaller Universal park, it was really enjoyable with some solid attractions, which was I glad I could finally ride. Stand out rides for me were The Mummy and Transformers. If you ever visit Singapore I do highly recommend a visit to the park.


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I usually enjoy how quiet USS is to USJ, although I think it's still school holiday time in Singapore. Can't say enough nice things about the place , especially with it being only 5 hours from Perth.

Plan to travel there again soon. Nice trip report.

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Thanks for the trip report @themagician. It looks like a great park and I'd love to visit Singapore someday. I really like how the main-street roofing at USS is transparent. It allows the natural light in, AND stops the rain.


Movieworld's mainstreet always appears gloomy. A roof like this at MW would make a big difference, in terms of making it feel like an outdoor street.

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Dropped in this morning for a sneaky few hours. (here for work)

The place was packed! Think it might be school holidays up here?

2 hour waits on BSG and Transformers, 1 Hour waits for most other things.

Managed to do Mummy, Canopy Flyer, Puss in Boots and Madagascar Crate Ride (lol)

Also watched Lights, Camera, Action.

Staff were brilliant as always, Food in the American diner was decent.

Spent $150 on minion shit in the shop to take home for the kids and left.

Better than being in the office back in Australia !

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