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DC Rivals's Joker face above the First Drop

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It will be the tallest element of the coaster and, well, the only theming we've seen so far in the trailer. The Joker's face above the top of the lift hill featured in the DC Rivals' trailer and it's the topic I want to discuss in this post. What do you think about it?

I have to say I kind of dislike it. I just prefer to have a "clean" lift hill and drop. The visual aesthetic of this standout element self-suffices imo, and the added Joker stuff seems unnecessary. I find Superman: the Ride (Six Flags New England)'s flat billboard at the entrance of the drop much better - you can see it starting from 1:06 in this video:

The coaster as a whole looks so gorgeous. In fact, there's hardly any coaster I can think of that can top off it's overal appearance! I just find the Joker scenery unfortunate. But maybe some of you like it?

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I like it personally - and it goes well with the highway-frontage appeal that is already held with Green Lantern. You certainly notice it driving past. As has been said recently on another thread, Dreamworld's frontage to the highway is clear - you can see all the rides, and during the day, see many of them cycling. Movie world on the other hand is set back, with trees blocking a lot of the view. Of course, Superman and Batwing (and a lesser extent, Arkham) are visible from the road, but they don't have that impact that Green Lantern does, especially at night.

I look forward to seeing the imagery become a reality as construction tops out.

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Look it could be awful when complete, but I highly doubt they are gonna get it wrong. 

If it looks great at night it could be really cool, and also terrifying lol

Should be a really cool touch for the backwards row. 

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28 minutes ago, pushbutton said:

Movie World is a THEME park. The Joker face appears to be the only bit of actual themeing on this ride (apart form perhaps the batman-like front of the train). Definitely necessary, and actually looks cool!

The only bit of theming we are aware of. We have no idea what is up MW's sleeve, they may have tonnes of theming in the queue area and in the small section of track before the lift hill. There is going to be a bit of land between the gates at the end of the pathway from JL to the actual station, and from the video we can see their are walls throughout the queue.

In regards to the Joker head, it looks really really cool, and will look awesome at night if it does light up (which I highly expect it too), and if the mouth does move (as someone had mentioned), that will make it even cooler.

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I'm not really a fan, but I also don't care, and it'll obviosuly grow on me over time.  No doubt one day in the future it'll get taken down for repairs, and we'll all comment and agree on how odd the coaster looks without it.  Like many things it's not something I'd have done had I been in charge, but it's not something that I think is harmful in anyway.


Fwiw that stuff around Superman at SFNE looks tacky as hell to me.

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12 minutes ago, joz said:

Fwiw that stuff around Superman at SFNE looks tacky as hell to me.

I agree, all coasters I've seen that have that sort of theming throughout the track always look tacky and pointless. On indoor coasters I think theming throughout the coaster section is fine because it can really add to the experience if done right. So unless the theming is a part of the queue, and the coaster track just goes over it, don't bother.

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8 hours ago, Locke said:

I like it, it adds height and by virtue of that curb appeal to the park. Bigger is better in my books!

This guy gets it. I have no doubt they'll have learnt from the visual impact of Green Lantern and try and light some parts of The Joker's face appropriately too, in which case, at 60m+ in the air it'll just look amazeballs.

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