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We've updated the forum software today. Aside from the obvious visual changes there's the addition of a few new features, most noticeably reactions instead of votes.

Gone is the crude and often political system of voting posts up and down. Instead you can choose to react more akin to how Facebook works now. Current reactions are as follows:

  • Like (+1 to the poster)
  • Haha (+1 to the poster)
  • Confused
  • Sad

We're no longer assigning negative votes to posts as the new system is a bit more nuanced. We may add some others down the track that are more fun and unique to Parkz.

Bugs / Errors / Glitches
If you encounter any glitches or design quirks throughout the site that you think probably shouldn't be there, feel free to grab a screenshot and let us know. 



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28 minutes ago, Richard said:

Gone is the crude and often political system of voting posts up and down


New font colour needed maybe? 



This seems broken (on profile page)



New font colour here? (browse/activity/shop etc)



Reactions don't seem tracked anywhere in the same way that "likes" are.



Good solution to the tag issue :) 



Maybe a little more padding around these? They seem kind of small compared to the rest of the page



Not that it's really an issue, but "community leader" and "admin" tags don't stand out as much anymore.





Maybe it's time for an image banner of some sort instead of the 'blue sky' look? 
(Maybe not a VRTParkz banner though) :P 



This will give you enough to consider for now. I'll play around with it more later if I'm still awake :P


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General comments about reactions:
Still toying with the exact ones we'll end up locking in. No reason for both an upvote and a like... but  I think we'll switch out the heart for a thumbs up.

I think a "wow" makes sense @Santa07. I'll see if one exists that matches the style of the default ones.

Kool-Aid... it'll stay if people use it correctly. Not seeing much evidence of that in here.



Pagination, top menu colours, Unread Content/Mark Site Read bar
Yep... need to fix these colours. For some reason they're not ones that can be edited in the theme editing system (most can be) so it'll require a manual CSS overwrite. Same with padding out the Unread Content link bar.

Reaction count on profile page
Not sure why they decided to show the total count for reactions that have a zero value. I'd hope that Invision fix that bug in the software in a future update.

Admin colours
Wanted to give Parkz Crew more differentiation given that the bold red banner had to go. Not sure whether admin should be red and Parkz Crew something else a bit bold or vice versa.

Blue header bar
We'll probably keep this blue until it changes on the main site as well... which I'm not sure will happen anytime soon (i.e. until we do a full redesign, which isn't on the cards just yet).


Overlapping text
Yeah noticed this... hopefully we'll find an easy fix for it soon.

No more self reactions... that was just enabled temporarily while I was testing a few things.

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Yeah here's how the Kool-Aid goes: if someone heaps unnecessary praise on anything that doesn't warrant it, be it on a park, an attraction, a fellow member or even a website.  For example, if someone posts a review about SW Carnivale saying how great and immersive an experience it is despite it being unanimously average at best, one may appropriately react with the Kool Aid button.  


Would just remind everyone not to use it to mock anyone who says something positive.

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