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12 minutes ago, themagician said:

Can confirm that the WW float is in the daily parade now 

That's a good move by MovieWorld. It would be completely stupid to spend thousands of dollars on a float, then not use it at all. What's it like with the parade being at 5? Is the atmosphere different?

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Doesn't matter anymore...  Last one at 5pm was today...  Until they decide to make it permanent if they got increased revenue from food and merchandise sales from people staying later to watch it but a lot of the comments on their facebook page seem to be against it as parents with kids are saying their kids are too tired by that time and they leave before it is on...

Personally I love the idea of finishing the day with the parade...

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I like the Australian where where kids are too tired by the end of 6 hours at a theme park. 

Where at Disney they are 10,12,16 hour days!

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Yeah but let's be honest - it doesn't feel like it at Disney. You might queue for an hour, but the in-queue easter eggs, interactivity, interesting things to look at (and in many - air conditioning) makes the time go quickly (or at the very least you overlook the loading platform and can watch others go on \ come off it and laugh at reactions).

Plus in many rides, because they're continuous load, the queue constantly moves, or moves in big jumps (eg: when they load the Mansion).

Contrast that to our local parks - where operations are horrendous and seem to aim for the slow-speed records, where guests aren't grouped until after the train is parked, where queues are hot, bare walls (or not much anyway), where the queue stays still for 5 minutes at a time... THAT makes it seem like a long queue, and therefore a long day.

You do feel tired after a day at Disney, but it really doesn't hit you until you are travelling back to your accommodation.


(i know you know this, i'm just spelling it out for those who don't see the difference.)

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