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Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

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Visited Seaworld on Friday morning (27/10). Took a trip on the monorail to get some construction pictures of Cataway Reef. Enjoy!

Was open today

Another day, another new fountain. 

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On Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 6:13 PM, Tim Dasco said:

I picture something either this size or smaller if it cost a few million. This is Kahuna falls from AW costs 3 million AUD.


I have recently been to Sea World, and there is no way that this could be finished by this year. BUT something which resembles what this photo has in the corner, a volcano looking thing, is featured in the new area. So you might be on to something :) 

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When it comes to water parks, I dont think theming throughout is essential, but definitely a perk to have for individual rides. But when you look at some of the parks in the US, in particular, Volcano Bay; that water park looks incredible and the theme it has seems to really add to the overall experience and feel of the park. 

For me, WnW, despite not having a theme, the built up vegetation of the park really adds to it and makes it feel like a nice and relaxing place.

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The Old Waterpark or the Old Old Waterpark?

It used to be part of the park, and free. Then someone had the brainy idea to close it to theme park patrons and make it part of the resort.

I expect that this will be included in admission - primarily because there won't be the capacity issues we saw with the mammoth, and because the park is so seriously lacking in things to do that they need to take the pressure of somewhere.

If this is an upcharge, VRTP need to just neck themselves.

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      Reducing hours means that you're increasing density of guests on the hours/days you're actually open, which means you're far better justifying the minimum number of staff you're required to have there anyway. Doesn't mean it'll feel any busier, especially without international tourists being here, and it goes without saying that a large majority of locals spend far less than interstate and international tourists, which is the part everyone seems to forget when talking about operating hours.
      this is all talking about off-peak, I'm not suggesting they'll change anything during the peak September-January season.
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      I thought I'd start a seperate forum for Leviathan specific construction updates, so that we can easily follow the coaster in one place.
      This was my first time seeing the vertical construction progress, so I took my big camera lens to the park to get some close up shot of the construction

      Close ups:

      Despite the coaster not yet reaching it max height, it can already be seen for a lot of different points across the park

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      Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
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