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With the enduring popularity of these events, plus the fact that they are quite different in nature from the normal happenings at theme parks and there's lots of different aspects to talk about, we've decided to split this into its own forum.

Like everything on Parkz we'd like to keep this as self-moderated and self-managed as we can.

Let's keep it simple:

  • No mega-threads!
  • If a topic doesn't exist for a particular aspect then create it.
  • Keep speculation threads separate from comments and reviews of the actual event.
  • Start a separate topic for general comments or positive reviews of each event if no one else has yet.
  • Start a separate topic for criticism or negative reviews of each event if no one else has yet.
  • Start separate topics for premium and up-charge options like the Ultimate Terror Tour.
  • If you want to share a longer or in-depth review (such as a 1,000 word photo essay) you're welcome to give it its own topic.
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