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Southern Theme Parks

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Out of Luna Park Sydney,Luna Park Melbourne,Scenic World and Wonderland,which one did/do you enjoy most?In which one do you have the most fun in?Seeing as I have never been to Sydney and when I went to Melbourne I had no pocket money,I have no input :)

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I enjoyed Wonderland about as much as I thought I would. Good fun, though much of that fun can be put down to the people who went (from here). The only other southern park I've been too is Senic World, which really surprised me. Everything about the place from its cheapness to its million $ renovations I loved. It was the most fun little place, even the food was fun in a weird sort of way.

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As far as crude Aussie humour goes, King Billy Cokebottle was always my pick. Apparently that sort of stuff isn't politically correct these days, but his tapes contained some of the funniest things I've ever heard. <--- You all know my standup comedy pick though. Back on topic though, I'm having trouble picking the best of those four. I haven't been to Luna Park Sydney in its current incarnation, so I'll skip that one for now. I'll put Luna Park in Melbourne last, because the place is compeltely emotionless and sterile thanks to the fix-up they did in 2001. Scenic World - I love the place, but I can't compare it to Wonderland. It's just so very different. You'd go to each for completely opposite reasons. Wonderland on the otherhand was always a fairly fun park. I can't really say I ever went there and didn't enjoy myself.

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