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DC Rivals - Construction Thread Best Quotes

14 posts in this topic

Almost 5000 posts were made in the Rivals construction discussion.

Quote here your best bits, your funny bits, and those bits that all make sense now that all the answers are known.

Link to the start of the thread is here

I'll start - this is all from page one of the thread:


@Richard said: I don't expect this one to get much activity just yet

If only he knew how much of a monster it was to become...


@AlexB said: OMG! Mack is going to refurbish a B&M Stand up hyper wooden dive coaster in time for the commonwealth games!

Well.... i was partly right...posted in february 2016, the Mack Crates first appeared on TPAGG on September 1 2016


@Skeeta said: I'm keeping out of this discussion.

Yeah that didn't last long.


@GoGoBoy said: This is exactly what Australia needs. A massive lift hill, long ride time, and just all out impressive. It would dominate the skyline. I also have no doubt it would draw the crowds in for a long time to come. Seriously hoping.


In March 2016, @themagician took a stab at both a ride type and a name. He got one right, and the other half right!


Hyper coaster


Over to you guys...

@joz's contribution:

On 3/4/2016 at 2:05 AM, AllegroCrab said:

This is insightful discussion guys. I say we have a poll


I've added a poll to this thread



@Slick had this insight:


At roughly 30-46 million USD depending on which install you look at, they're unfortunately not in the realms of any of our theme parks, let alone many others around the world.


Then there was the suggestion of an intamin giga, as suggested by @Boyden



On page 5, @Smeg gave us this insight...


This topic gone cold

Then @bladex gave us this one:


whatever is is no doubt it will be DC themed :P

No doubt whatsoever.

Did @djrappa know something back in June 2016?


I'd be happy with a forceful hyper coaster with a long layout over a giga coaster that half the budget is blown on the first drop. 

Nobody will ever know....

@Cooper Olsen gave us this one:


Honestly, I would rather a MACK than a B&M any day.


Whilst @Brad2912 missed the mark again:


Whilst I like the length, and love the second launch, the lack of inversions makes that a poor addition to MW for mine. It basically SE on steroids. Whilst I certainly don't believe a coaster needs inversions to be great, I think for this new ride to be World Class and the drawcard they want it to be, it needs them.


It really is crazy to see how many references to Mack there actually were, well before any official confirmation was to be had - another one from me:


Hopefully down the track Mack can refurbish it to make it even better too.

It was July 2016 when fencing first appeared around the lake precinct. @Reanimated35 took the opportunity to trumpet his previous prediction:

Called it. 


  On 12/1/2015 at 9:29 PM, reanimated35 said:

Idea #2

Green area they may not wish to utilise given its proximity to the water tank for the studios.






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And after 10 pages of discussion, with people still debating manufacturer and model, @Reanimated35 said:


Pretty sure we've already been told what we're getting if you read through the last 10 pages

@joz quickly replied:


Pretty much


@XxMrYoshixX nailed the opening time back in August 2016:


Yeah, but it's a better idea to open it earlier than later to get those local crowds in before all the tourists arrive during CWG time, I'm thinking September or Summer 2017

By the end of August, we had chainlink fencing on site for the rear parts of the site. @JaggedJanine gave us this:


Fence going up. Im pretty sure that the swamp area will be staying put and the rollercoaster will be along the side of the entrance road


Alright - that's 15 pages done and dusted. only 181 to go...

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1 hour ago, Adventures With JWorld said:

I remembering posting on the thread saying that I heard from a staff member saying the ride was going to be 8 mins long

Boy were they wrong 😂

Well, it is definitely possible, depending on load operators \ stacking with two trains and\or power supplies. :lol:

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On August 29, 2016 - @Skeeta began what will forever be known as the longest 60 days in theme park history:


It's been over 60 days since MW said " But it’s just the beginning of a massive plan to revolutionise entertainment on the Gold Coast, with VRL to make a “huge” announcement in the next 60 days. "

Woodies were the hot topic around the end of August, but they didn't get much love. @pin142 made a bold suggestion:


After looking at coasters like The Voyage, Wildfire and Outlaw Run I can totally see why no one wants a wooden coaster, let's just throw a nice steel coaster like a Boomerang in instead of something like one of those.

September 1, it was time for Theme Parks a Go Go to break the news exclusively with @joz alerting the boards to the news of Mack crates landing at Movie World -


Massive news! And who else would you expect to break the story!

@Skeeta was quick to point out that not all news outlets were as savvy as TPAGG:


LOL TPSN walked straight past the boxes.

@downunder also contributed a statement that would be repeated many times over during construction:


Ah one question gets answered and now there's many more... 

@Brad2912 was on the money:


Money is on either Flash or Cyborg themed coaster, unless they go for a villain...

Discussion then ensued with several members - @mba2012, @MaxxTheMonster, @Reanimated35, @Santa07 and @Luke all betting on a Flash themed launch coaster, before @JaggedJanine gave us:


My guess is that it won't be a launch.

September 1, and Page 20 of the thread wrapped up with @Jamberoo Fan making his first contribution regarding the announcements - although as yet, it wasn't fridge worthy:


I think Movie World will take their time with the announcement but it will still be imminent.


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...Of course I know you were being sarcastic Pin - it was just a laugh, and better than including all the quotes of people talking woodies.


Continuing september 1 2016, @Jamberoo Fan gave us his first major prediction:


This would indicate an announcement no later than the 20th of November 2016 (otherwise instead of saying "In the coming months", he would have said "Next year").

@Santa07 made a few suggested improvements to Lewa's Flash:


If they were gonna do something similar to flash I hope they change the following:

- Get rid of the trims... they really kill the speed and probably destroy a lot of the airtime
- Straight drops > curved drops (sure, it's nothing major but it's just me being picky)
- I think I recall it being faster in other videos, but in that video the lift hill is reaaaaly slow

I also would be ok without the inversions and with a big emphasis on airtime

I guess you can't have everything, but I will say - the trims are completely unnoticeable.

On September 6, @Richard tried to prompt an end to the "launched or lift hill" debate:


If you were trying to figure it out based on the footings, then a launched coaster would have a lot of close supports in a straight line, while Mack's lift hills feature a box truss track with only a few sparsely placed support columns. 

September 10 brought us @Adventures With JWorld's latest conversation with the Dippin Dots guy:


 this new roller coaster 's ride time is apparently going to be 8 minutes long

@downunder shared his thoughts on Mack:


Mack have built some nice coasters, though nothing OMG or super large 

@Theme Park Girl weighed in on the discussion, pointing out this "fact":


I can say on VERY good authority that the only Movieworld staff that know any details about the new rollercoaster are high management.

Community Leaders started to report extreme forum fatigue - with @joz and @djrappa commenting on September 11 2016 (more than a year before the ride officially opened):


My brain hurts from reading this thread.


Mine checked out ages ago. 

Right about when someone said "I heard from a park employee"

And unfortunately Richard ultimately didn't succeed, with @XxMrYoshixX sharing on September 12th:


I also don't think anything with a chain lift will happen either. Granted, the size of the land is enormous compared to Green Lantern or Arkham, but just looking at the cleared land it looks like a launched coaster to me.

In regards to when an announcement would be made, @Brad2912 pointed out:


i'm sure some people know, but they won't be posting it here..


@Santa07 drank the dippin dots kool aid:


 Lynn who works at the studios said she heard the coaster was going to be 4kms long.

Page 30, and September 26 saw numerous people making predictions on what it would be. I made my own prediction:


Definitely something Push will hate

...and I think I win.

Wrapping up page 30, @Santa07 gave us this one:


a midcourse and no trims would lead to better airtime.







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