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Tim Dasco

Fright Nights 2017 - Adventure World

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So AW's facebook page has been updated with the following information posted about their annual Halloween event called Fright Nights.




Join us for some Halloween capers. It's your chance to ride the park in the dark - including Goliath! With live aerial acts, a DJ, grizzly ghouls, special Fx & face painting, an 18+ bar, some old school horror films playing in the chill zone PLUS heaps of ghoulishly good food to enjoy, it'll be a scream!

Season pass holders enter for just $22 and receive an extra 2 tickets at 40% off & Platinum Members enter free and receive an extra 2 tickets at 50% off - because scares are better shared.

 Pick up your tickets quick - this event will sell out.



This event is recommended for those 12 years and older. This year is dedicated to the scream seekers.

Strictly No BYO food & Drink at this special event. Multiple food and beverage outlets, including special event stands will be available for the duration of the event.

Dragons Kingdom will not be accessible during this special event. Check out our daytime Halloween Spooktacular on Sunday 29th October for the little monsters.

Fright Nights Member Tickets and Fright Night Member Guest Tickets must be shown with the valid Season Pass Card in order to be validated. A maximum of 2 Guest tickets are available per member and will be recorded against the membership at redemption.

No flashlights or laser pens are permitted. Screaming or crying is just fine, however.

Any mistreatment of the Ghouls or the Adventure World Team will not be tolerated. Creep it real please.

Guests who display any signs that they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted entry to the event.

Alcohol will be sold at this event. Please drink responsibly. Adventure World operates in strict adherence with the liquor control act (1988) and as such visible intoxication will result in removal from the premises.

Interesting to note that this year will feature 2 events. A family friendly event on the Sunday and 2 Nights of for the 12+ group. So this year they will also have old scary moves playing in the chill out zone. Should be a fun night and looking forward to it.

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So with Fright Nights Starting Tonight Adventure World have posted some pictures. 

So these are off the outdoor cinema showing 80s horror films.


The screen.


The Goliath Skull lit up.


They also did a live video showing off the cool lighting for Goliath. Not sure what they have used but the lighting on the support structure that chases up and down looks very cool.


Its good to see them expanding the event and making 2 separate events one for the families and one for the older generation. Should be a fun night and AW said on their Facebook page that tickets are selling fast and there are not many left.

Update: a few more photos have been posted from the 18+ graveyard bar.





hopfully the weather stays good. Not looking the best.

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The weather wasn't the best, but there were still lots of folks visiting AW for Fright Nights. Tonnes of scare actors out this year. Plenty of people swimming despite the cold and the rain. Goliath looked awesome at night and everyone seemed to be having a great time.











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Not any photos or anything interesting in this addition to the thread but I would just like to share a little recap of my AW Fright Nights 2017 experience.

I started off the evening coming down and arriving at AW 5:45 only deciding I was going to come down with a mate about an hour or two earlier. Lines were quite long for both prepaid tickets and normal entrance and since I didn’t know I was coming down I didn’t have my tickets bought online. Walked over to the normal entrance queue which was about half way between the gate and pre paid tickets to about where bounty  used to be. It was funny to see the scare actors up against the hence screaming and trying to scare guests as they were queueing and it was a good way to entertain guests waiting in line. This continued throughout the whole night while queuing for rides such ad Goliath and rampage which have an exposed queue race. 

I had my first ride of the night on Goliath and waited about 20 minutes to get on after getting into the park at about 6:15.  It started to sprinkle as I was on and it wasn’t too dark yet. It was fun to experience the ride while it was sprinkling and the flames were just such a great addition to the ride. I can see why people like X2 MM so much now! 

I than went on Abyss front tow after waiting about 40 minutes and once again the flames were a great addition. It was very dark whilst I was on and seeing the bright lights shining to what seemed like the roof of the sky was a highlight whilst on the climb to the crest! 

When I went on the Inferno, there were two little girls behind my mate  and I in line and once we go to the ‘ride gate’ the operators told us  not to pull our harnesses down. They than opened the gate and let us on. We all sat in or seats and the countdown started straight away scaring all of us and making one of the little girls behind us in line scream and run off the ride in fear.

I went on the Rampage after that and the queue was around 25 minutes I believe and it went quite quick as we were queueing with some very energetic (Tipsy) late teens. Rampage was very rough but nonetheless very intense and a great ride to do at night. 

Overall my favourite staff member for the night was Boden, working on Rampage who was dressed in a fairy costume and he was alwsys making us laugh. Boden is always a stand out operator when I visit AW! 

Overall the night was great I did all the dry rides once each except for Black widow and did Goliath 3 times. 

I loved teasing the scare actors throughout the night and thought the atmosphere was great!

Havinf it being my first fright night experience, I really enjoyed it and will most likely be going again next year! Keen to go down to AW again this weekend for what will seem like very short queues compared to last weekend which were still all very worth it! Thanks for an AWesome night AW!!


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