Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast November Update

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I hadn't been to WnW since April and thought it was time to head into the park and see if anything major had changed. And in summary, no. But here is a quick update of some things I noticed around the park.


Surferrider has finally reopened after being closed for the majority of the year


The bar that what next to the wave pool has been removed


The spas are closed for maintenance. I personally think this is a wasted area for the park, where a good slide, or something a bit more exciting could go


Apparently the Kamikaze is still new.


Despite never operating, the ZipLine is still in place and used as a shelter for the staff working in the food carts


The bridge/waterfall in Calypso Beach has been completely removed, with only the framework remaining.

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Thanks for the update @themagician. I didn't mind the Wirlpool when it was kind of a ride in the warmer months. Every Winter they would reconfigure it into those stupid spas and eventually the Wirlpool ride never came back. Probably costly repairs, I'm not 100% sure.

If Surfrider is to stay next door another flat ride would fit the area and keep diversifying the brand.. Something that goes round n round and could be described as  Wet and/or Wild shouldn't be too difficult to source surely?

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Sad to see the waterfall removed from Calypso, although hoepefully it is coming back. The theming on Calypso is excellent, and one of the reasons it is so popular. Harks back to a happier time where Village thought it was worth providing plenty of atmosphere and theming at WnW.

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Not really suprised about whirlpool I have only ever seen it open once and that was as the spas so disappointed  to see it still closed most of the time.

Also what is the story behind zipline any particular reason it doesn't operate anymore.

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