Sea World December 2017 Improvements

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As has been occurring with Movie World, there have been a number of improvements happening around Sea World lately too.

Fast Track is no longer available at the park, with signs being replaced by Fast Photo


The Frozen Coke stand in The Plaza has received an upgrade



The Dolphin Aqua Adventure has been refurbished 



The decking around the Nickelodeon Store has been replaced


And the Seal Guardians set is now complete and staff were meeting and discussing the new show


Really bright and vibrant now


There is a cave in the far left corner


There is a pontoon bridge through the middle, quite a few props on the left stage and two cables with balls attached to them hanging across the water


A few other things to note or I believe should be done:

- There is still no 1 hour free locker hire for Storm or Jet Rescue (Hopefully this is implemented for these rides too)

- More shading should be added around JR as its quite an open area of concrete

- As posted yesterday all food stores and outlets were open when the park was closing, and can confirm all stores were open when the park opened.



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The sneak peek thing is really just a demonstration of behaviours they have been teaching the isn't too bad.  Actually if they demonstrated a few more things and explained everything as in-depth as they do in this "preview" then it would be decent.

I expect the actual "show" to be worse as it apparently emphasises how we should protect the environment by recycling etc.  Saying you should recycle 100 times is not educational...this is one of my huge criticisms of the affinity dolphin show.  They don't actually tell you any facts about the animals, in that case the dolphins but over-emphasise a sound bite without giving you much to relate to.  Not very memorable.  Hopefully Seal Guardians is better and does actually create some memorable moments....

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But they say AFINITY about 50 times in the show so come on, that's highly sending a message... one of their best that one!


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Parkz flagged a sign like this forever ago and they took it down. Have they seriously printed a new A Frane with those graphics?

Thats worse than the soulless park map!

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opening next year = 744 days to deliver the ride...  you could build a 40,000 seat football stadium in that time frame. I don’t think they are anywhere close to reaching “damn we better get started” yet...

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