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Join the Party at Carnivale at Sea World

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This is a huge step in the right direction. This looks exciting and the laser light show provides the motivation for guests to stick around. Excellent- I hope this does extremely well


Throughout Carnivale, guests can also take on Sea World’s iconic rides such as the Storm Coaster, Jet Rescue and Nickelodeon Land after dark.

Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot more rides to appreciate.......;)

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9 hours ago, Santa07 said:

The water show looks great! Looking like SW Carnivale is going to shape up a lot better this year.

The aquacolour show was absolutely amazing!!! This was my first Carnivale and I was very impressed. The live entertainment was also really good. IMO, the entertainment and colour show alone are worth the admission to Carnivale. 

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I was also there last night, and thoughtit was significantly better than last year. The food options in my opinion were not up to the standards they were last year, but that was the only exception and they were still quite good. 

Roving entertainment, like last year, superb. One thing I hadn't seen last year but did this year was a magician going around the plaza doing tricks at different tables for people as they ate.

It seemed to me more of the park was open than last year, including some of the animalexhibits, and most of the few remaining rides. 

The aquacolour show was the highlight without a doubt, and to me it was of similar quality to the Fire Machine show last year at Dreamworld, with the added benefit of water effects, and human performers. 

All in all, brilliant, and a vastly better experience than my daytime visits to the park in recent years. 

My only major criticism is it took me about 40 minutes to get out of the carpark.

I would suggest traffic controllers for next year. 

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