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Adventure World 2018- improvements

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Lol no offense but if you need to cite the designer, it's a rubbish record. News just in, Arkham is the tallest Vekoma Rollee Coaster in Australia 👍🏻   All this sort of marketing does is dev

So at the park today with @ABYSS and noticed a few things: Sprinklers have been added to the Rampage queue which was something they were asked to do last week. Inferno tower is back up and s

Just a quick visit to AW, today. They did halt operations and observed a minute’s silence at 11am.  I entered the park just before 10 from the members’ entrance. Struggled with a dodgy locker bef

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It's a Fabbri Spinning Mouse, similar to TPA's Crazy Coaster, except slightly different layout and instead of unlocking halfway through the layout, it stays spinning the whole time.  Dunno what other shows it's gonna do, as no-one is really sure of the owners, but I assume it'll do more regional shows rather than capitals, as that position has already been filled by the Crazy Coaster.  

Should do well though and I wish the owners the best of luck! From what I've seen, coasters always do really well at most shows, so definitely a good investment for the long term.

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31 minutes ago, Aw hype said:


Apparently the park has a ride graveyard. Train seen in there 10 years before being put up with slides

Yeah the graveyard is still there but has been cleared up recently, house some old stuff including some small parts of turbo Mountain roller coasters track section and supports.

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    • By iwerks
      Adventure World held the first of its four AW Nights for January on Saturday Night from 6.30-11 pm. Entry was through the prepaid ticket gate off the main car park. There were a couple of greeter characters, like my friend Magnus Danger Magnus and some dancing girls. 
      The band from last year returned as well as  a guy playing the steel drums. They had a lady with glow in the dark hula hoops, a juggler and a fire twirler on a Segway. There were a number of food trucks, a pop up bar and the usual food outlets open. Kahuna Cafe actually did table service. 
      It was a pretty quiet night as these events tend to get more popular as they go on. Most of the rides were open with the exception of the Dragons Kingdom kids’ area. 

    • By Aimsley81
      First of all, if this post belongs under another topic please close this. 
      In true Amy fashion, I have decided to do a spur of the moment trip to Perth on Thursday - just to visit Adventure World. I’m also planning on going to their Fright Nights event on Thursday night (tickets already booked 😊). 
      I’ve never been to Adventure World before let alone Perth, so I was hoping someone might give me some tips eg: do I need a locker or are there storage bins on the rides, etc  
      I’m super excited about finally getting to visit as I’ve been trying to get there for over a year and a half and it just didn’t happen. 
      Thanks in advance!
    • By iwerks
      @Tim Dasco and I paid a visit to Adventure World, today. There are no new rides. Quite a few things have had a fresh coat of paint, but lots of things haven’t. Tim was impressed with how the grass looked. There is large fencing around the haunt/maze area. Inferno is still testing. The animal part was closed, despite Aimee, the keeper, being inside and the place looking okay. Yarli’s Safaris has new paint/decals. Buccaneer Battle seems to be cracking down on any loose items(including hats and glasses). The crowds slowly built up over the day. The queue for the Grand Prix looked to be about 30 minutes.

    • By Tim Dasco
      So I was looking on Adventure World's Website and they have posted some information regarding their Easter Event that takes place during the day. I think its good to see the park adding all these events to it line up to try and post attendance throughout non peek season.
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