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Wild West Falls finally reopened!

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Despite the signs at the park entry saying it was still closed today, and the maintenance website saying likewise, the ride was open  ("technical rehearsals" sign up) late this afternoon, so I had several goes.

The only obvious sign of work having been done over the past year was parts of the trough you go through after you leave the station had apparently been replaced by new concrete. It had been painted,  but no effort was made to match the colour of the surrounding, pre-existing parts. New parts are grey, older parts brown.

As was the case prior to the extensive closure, many of the effects were not working, or working poorly.

Long story short, very disappointed. Hard to see why it was closed for so long! 

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Rode it twice second time broken down on top of mountain. The bridge in the back section when was it change to a broken bridge as first time I rode it after a few years ago



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Signs are out the front saying its in technical rehearsals


And as you walk in there is this sign


The way the queue line is organised now, with the introduction of the single rider is much simpler and better

Most rides had a very short queue this afternoon, but WWF had a massive queue (no time was shown, but the queue nearly went to the entrance)

As stated, there has been new concrete added. But the only majorly visible section is at the beginning, as you pass under the staff walkway.

None of the screens/projects were working, and there was less sound/music through the Old Faithful and ghost town, and some of the effects in this area still aren't working properly as stated.

One thing I did take notice of today, which I havent before is the signage through the lift hill doesnt make any sense at all. It adds theming, and if you don't read them all its good. But I recommend everyone to actually read them (on both sides) next time and you will see what I mean. Some of the things they say include: 'No Entry', 'No Drinking', 'Break area ahead', 'Mine Shaft Entry'. They are very contradictory. Not complaining because it isn't anything major, just a side note.

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